Senior Applications Engineer, Enterprise Applications

San Mateo
Product & Engineering
At Human API, we believe that it's our job to make our customers awesome - as a customer team engineer, you would be an integral part of that. Our customers are companies and developers on a mission: they want to use health data to improve people's lives. Your job is deceptively simple: empower new customers to achieve that mission quickly and easily, and ensure existing customers are productive and happy. Day to day, this means you'd be doing a wide variety of things: improving our onboarding process, updating our developer portal, building tools and sandboxes for users, or working on internal APIs and services that make things run smoothly behind the scenes. Above all, the most important qualification for this job is to care deeply about the needs of our customers, and to really empathize with them. Their mission is your mission too.

Your team will own

    • Helping our customers visualize and gain insights about their health data
    • Building UIs and tools that allow our customers to manage, maintain and support their applications
    • Building tools and SDKs to help developers be more productive using Human API
    • Building internal tools and UIs to make our data integrity team more productive

In a typical week, you might do one of

    • Supporting our developer community with tools and SDKs
    • Improving the operational efficiency of our data integrity team by building internal APIs and UI tools
    • Adding new visualizations to our internal or customer-facing UIs
    • Spearheading new features that allow our customers to manage applications and data sources, and in general make them happy

Important attributes

    • A strong customer focus: you care very deeply about solving user needs and putting things in their hands quickly
    • Experience with APIs and backend services
    • Frontend experience: in particular, experience with one or more major JS frameworks (Angular, React, etc)
    • You have integrated 3rd-party services or APIs (like Slack or Zendesk)
    • Strong troubleshooting and debugging skills
    • Strong communication and collaboration skills
    • The ability to work effectively across teams

Bonus points for

    • node.js experience
    • React experience
    • MongoDB experience
    • Redis experience
    • A love of Unit testing and TDD
    • Being a Polyglot: having a broad experience with languages and frameworks
At Human API, our mission is to create health data liquidity through consumer empowerment. To do this, we’ve built the world’s first real time health data network.

We help organizations collect, and make sense of, health data on their consumers. Our network reach is 200 million U.S. lives and includes hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, labs, mobile applications, and devices. Human API is a data platform that delivers a comprehensive, longitudinal view of a consumer’s health in real-time. We empower our current customer base, of Fortune 500 companies, with the normalized clinical data they need to build the next generation of products. Human API currently powers products for life insurance underwriting, health insurance clinical analytics, pharmaceutical clinical trial recruitment, and a variety of other digital health products and platforms. 

We are headquartered in Redwood City, California and venture-backed by Andreessen Horowitz and Blue Run Ventures.

We're looking for independent thinkers who care deeply about the problems we're trying to solve. At Human API, we believe that a diverse variety of people makes us better, and so we welcome people of all backgrounds.

Want to build the future of health data with us? Get in touch.