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Our mission is to radically accelerate the pace of innovation in health by delivering real-time data on every person on the planet. To do this, we unlock siloed health data from everywhere, put consumers in control of their own data and connect them with businesses where they would like to share their data.
This is way beyond just simple system interoperability or point to point integration to move health data.  Using our recently acquired series B fund, we are creating something that no one has tried before.  And that’s where you come in.  As a Technical Lead, you will own the "from anywhere" portion of our mission.  This is backend engineering at its best: among other things, you'll be in charge of developing and maintaining a data set of all health care providers from whom we can, or could, collect data, and the search interface for that data set.
Our team is looking for you, a proven technology leader, to execute on that goal.

Your team will own:

    • Map the world of health data: determine where it lives, and how to get it
    • Be able to find it: If it can’t be found, it’s not useful.  Make it super simple for our customers find their data and for us to go get it.
    • Make it usable: Create and maintain a set of public API.  There are both Human API owned applications as well as a whole world of 3rd party developers using our platform.
    • Make it easy to maintain: the world of health data is constantly changing.  Everyday, there are new data sources, and old ones change.  Make it easy for a tech ops team to modify or curate individual entries in the data set.  
    • Wildcard: Anything else that is needed to make Human API into a wildly successful company.

In a typical week, you might:

    • Prototype a new clinical data type to be added to our API
    • Mentor your peers
    • Consult on data security, data design, and data scalability to product engineering teams
    • Debug performance issues with our data pipeline
    • Collaborate with partners across the company to assess data needs and prioritize accordingly
    • Improve our parsers to extract new data types from incoming clinical data
    • Give tech talks and demos on the newest capabilities and enhancements to the system to drive adoption of data tools.

For us, qualifications are whatever enables you to meet and exceed your performance objectives. Here are some thoughts on what you, the perfect candidate to knock this opportunity out of the park, might have:

    • You have a passion for data, search, integrations and systems interoperability. You follow trends in the industry and peruse various journals. You have probably authored or contributed to academic papers, and ideally filed patents.  As a result, you are innately familiar with a wide array of data integration, storage and search techniques.  
    •  You appreciate why writing code itself is only part of delivering a real solution because there are myriad real world factors you need to consider.  You have low tolerance for bad design that doesn’t consider things like network outrages, bandwidth or rate limiting.  You realize that all end user aren’t going to have a Ph.D, so the software needs to be easy to use. But, these aren’t problems to you.  They are challenges you relish.
    • You have solid programming experience. Human API uses a lot of javascript, node.js, MongoDB.  We also use a lot of AWS  cloud services like ElasticSearch, …  If you have some experience in these tech, that’s great.  But the goal is that you can convince us that you understand integration & data movement issues, compose elegant code based on modern day principles, and incorporate best practices for scalability – after all, this is a tremendous amount of complex data we are talking about.
    • You aren't afraid to tell us what we're doing right and what areas we can improve on
    • We are built on innovation – that is what makes us successful. We expect our technical leaders to act as visionaries and maintain a high level of technical expertise. To do that, you stay abreast of new technology and techniques in data processing, data storage, search that can be integrated into Human API.  Better yet, invent them yourself!  Let’s build a portfolio of patents that are going to be proud of. Innovation is what drives our success - help us push the needle further.
    • Drive the team to deliver more than they ever thought they could by providing expert knowledge, mentoring, and leadership. We want someone who not only understands how the system currently works, but also envisions how it should work. Share that vision with the team, and empower them to make it a reality.
    • You + Human API = Infinity.  Our vision is to be an open platform which can consume any health data and enable any application that supports any usage case that anyone can imagine. The possibilities of what the Human API platform can do and what you can do for it is open ended! You are not just another engineer when you join Human API. You + Human API equal endless possibilities!

Bonus points for experience with:

    • Building SaaS solutions that run in AWS
    • Building a search solution: developing data requirements, evaluating queries, and tuning 
    • Writing internal APIs and backend services
    • Integrating 3rd-party services or APIs
    • Making operating a system easier: monitoring, metrics and observability
    • Developing back end services using node.js 
    • MongoDB
    • ElasticSearch
At Human API, our mission is to radically accelerate the pace of innovation in health by delivering real-time data on every person on the planet. To do this, we’ve built the world’s first real-time health data network with a reach of is 250 million U.S. lives and includes hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, labs, mobile applications, and devices.

Human API is a data platform that delivers a comprehensive, longitudinal view of a consumer’s health in real-time. We empower our enterprise customers with the normalized clinical data they need to build the next generation of products. Human API currently powers products for life insurance underwriting, health insurance clinical analytics, pharmaceutical clinical trial recruitment, and a variety of other digital health products and platforms.

We are headquartered in San Mateo California and venture-backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Blue Run Ventures, Guardian Life Insurance Company and SCOR Global Life.

We're looking for independent thinkers who care deeply about the problems we're trying to solve. At Human API, we believe that a diverse variety of people makes us better, and so we welcome people of all backgrounds.

Want to build the future of health data with us? Get in touch.