Machine Learning Engineer

Redwood City
Our consumption of health data is growing at an exponential rate -- as a machine learning engineer, you'll make sense of it all. We ingest clinical data (eg: medical history, allergies, test results) from hospitals and labs, and wellness data (eg: physical activity, sleep, nutrition) from devices and apps. Collectively, these data sets create a more detailed understanding of an individuals health than anything else today. The data recorded from these sources are both continuous and discrete.

You’ll be responsible for building our deep normalization pipeline, creating medical models, and developing structured APIs with the engineers.

This position is for someone who has built at least one large classification system, dabbled with medical data sets, is well versed with NLP and Machine Learning, and is comfortable coding in languages such as Scala, Java, and Python. You've likely built your own parsers when the open source NLP parsers couldn't do the job and you've built machine learning pipelines.

This position is for someone who can hit the ground running and is excited to take our team to the next level. We're looking for people who want to solve hard problems and find a mission they really believe in.

You will

    • Drive the machine regression / classification and normalization pipeline
    • Develop the NLP required to clean noisy unstructured data
    • Create machine learning models in situations where the data is sparse and high-dimensional
    • Improve the models ten times before an expert can label the data
    • Develop normalization algorithms
    • Build algorithms required to gain deeper insights on the clinical data from thousands of hospitals

We really like people who

    • Care deeply about the problems we're trying to solve
    • Own problems end-to-end in a very ownership driven culture
    • Are product focused. Solving the underlying product problem is more important than writing a lot of code
    • Have a good sense of humor
    • Have a positive attitude, willingness to learn, and desire for self-improvement
At Human API, our mission is to create health data liquidity through consumer empowerment. To do this, we’ve built the world’s first real time health data network.

We help organizations collect, and make sense of, health data on their consumers. Our network reach is 200 million U.S. lives and includes hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, labs, mobile applications, and devices. Human API is a data platform that delivers a comprehensive, longitudinal view of a consumer’s health in real-time. We empower our current customer base, of Fortune 500 companies, with the normalized clinical data they need to build the next generation of products. Human API currently powers products for life insurance underwriting, health insurance clinical analytics, pharmaceutical clinical trial recruitment, and a variety of other digital health products and platforms. 

We are headquartered in Redwood City, California and venture-backed by Andreessen Horowitz and Blue Run Ventures.

We're looking for independent thinkers who care deeply about the problems we're trying to solve. At Human API, we believe that a diverse variety of people makes us better, and so we welcome people of all backgrounds.

Want to build the future of health data with us? Get in touch.