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Our Guiding Principles
We believe that how we work is as important as what we ship. Our experience has taught us how much we always have still to learn. Since we will endlessly evolve as we progress, we need to maximize Humane’s velocity and build a services platform that enables the company to play, explore, adapt, and re-work along the way. For this reason we prioritize designs and tooling that anticipate change and leverage sound engineering principles like abstraction, composition, virtualization, automation and short dev/build/test/deploy cycles. Our philosophy is that the services team must provide rock-solid reliable utility delivered to the rest of the organization with friendly, collaborative, and top-notch customer support. To achieve these things we are building a substantial cloud services engineering team that must span many disciplines, composed of folks with diverse expertise.

Who We’re Looking For
If the mission described above excites you, you could be just the kind of engineer we’re looking for. We want to work with people who treat their teammates with respect, value accountability, and hold themselves to a high bar for the quality of the software they build and the systems they operate. We believe humility is one of the strongest indicators of an effective and collaborative engineer. If you feel there is always more to know and something to learn from others, and you're insatiably curious, you’ll fit right in!

Skills We Seek

    • Cloud Services Engineering is hiring for a variety of server-side skills and domain knowledge. We know that some folks identify as generalists, while others prefer to go deep in one or a few specialties. The kind of team we’re building demands both kinds of engineers. Some examples of disciplines we draw from include:
    • Deep familiarity with public cloud offerings, with a focus on the lower layers of the stack like VMs, VPCs, storage and IAM
    • Code-driven construction of services across those public clouds via infrastructure-as-code tools
    • Cloud-native approach to development, testing, and deployment by way of containerization, orchestration, and next-generation monitoring and logging
    • Experience implementing, configuring, and using developer productivity tools for continuous integration and deployment
    • High-performance server development that maximizes asynchronous execution, minimizes data copies and other sources of latency, and is easily approachable and extendable by a rapidly growing developer base. While we mostly use Java, we’re happy for you to have experience with any popular contemporary server side language
    • Modern ML frameworks, algorithms and techniques
    • Systems and approaches to predictably and scalably training ML models
    • Experience deploying, operating, and programming to modern big data processing systems
    • Distributed system design and construction
    • Aptitude in full-stack, multi-system debugging, including protocol-level trace analysis
    • Globally and highly available systems
    • Automation-first testing, especially large-scale client simulation with sensor playback for correctness, performance, and model/algorithm comparison
    • Experience designing, deploying, and operating first-class security practices and systems
    • SRE with the emphasis on the ‘E’

What You Might Do

    • Because we’re not yet ready to disclose the full detail and scope of our ambition, we necessarily have to use some discretion in revealing exactly what you’d most likely work on at Humane. Some examples of what we can share though include:
    • Design, automate, deploy and manage a multi-cloud platform for building, testing, deploying, and operating a global scale service constellation. We want changes to roll out no less frequently than daily, and need to trust automation to vet, canary, A/B test, and revert regressions
    • Conceive of and build a system for fluidly moving the site of execution and processing of any component from data center, to edge, to device
    • Build mechanisms to collect, aggregate, anonymize, analyze, and alert on telemetry from devices in the field.
    • Build a system for simulating devices in the cloud
    • Use the two systems above to replay sensor data, allowing for massive-scale parallel automated testing/comparison of our codebase and ML models
    • Design, implement, and operate a highly efficient model training and evaluation platform, and system for scalable inference execution.
    • Design conceptual and data models to allow for a pluggable, extensible server side “bus” that connects with a variety of external and internal services, and provides the appropriate aggregate response to devices
    • Build beautiful and reactive web applications and, just as importantly, a framework and system that enables rapid evolution, prototyping, and evaluation of different designs and functions
    • Ensure our company and user data are secure, and achieve provable and unassailable customer privacy guarantees. This includes a strong chain of trust throughout our processes and systems
    • Build software that manages the lifecycle of user accounts and devices from factory to retirement
    • Provide business intelligence and insights across all aspects of our operation, and tools for all functions from manufacturing to security to marketing to customer support

At Humane, diversity is important to us.

Humane is an equal opportunity employer and makes employment decisions on the basis of merit and business needs. We do not make hiring or employment decisions on the basis of race, color, religion (including, but not necessarily limited to, religious creed, dress, and grooming practices), citizenship, marital status, age, national origin, place of birth, height, weight, ancestry, mental or physical disability, genetic information, medical condition, U.S. (state and federal) military and veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, sex, gender, pregnancy (including childbirth or related medical condition), or any other characteristics protected under applicable federal, state, or local laws (“protected characteristics” or “protected categories”). Pursuant to the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance and other similar state laws and ordinances, we will consider for employment qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records. At Humane, building a healthy and safe workplace is core to our mission. We prohibit harassment of any kind.