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HUMAN was founded in 2012 in a Brooklyn sci-fi bookstore by Tamer Hassan, Michael Tiffany, Dan Kaminsky, and Ash Kalb. Our humble beginnings led to the creation of the Human Defense Platform, the backbone of all our products that safeguards enterprises from sophisticated bots, fraud, and account abuse. Today we verify the humanity of more than 20 trillion interactions per week for some of the largest companies and internet platforms. 

Our hacker roots still permeate everything we do. You will be a part of the HUMAN front line in our commitment to protecting companies (and in turn, their customers) from both revenue and reputation risk caused by digital attacks. However, HUMAN is not the center of this story. Humans like yourself are. We firmly believe in putting people first. This approach spans our extensive total rewards package, inclusive of competitive compensation, benefits, stipends - as well as our  day-to-day culture - to ensure every human is empowered to do the best work of their life. We want to hear about the marathon you’re training for. We want to see pictures of your pets. We want to know your favorite robot (we have many).

 Even if you’re not a conventional “hacker” we can assure you that you are a hacker in your own right. We want to work with people like you who break down problems to build up better solutions. That’s what makes us HUMAN. You’ll be joining us at an exciting moment in the HUMAN story: we joined forces with PerimeterX in a market-changing merger, as well as recently acquired to enhance the Human Defense Platform. Together under the HUMAN brand, we will disrupt the economics of cybercrime. We hope you can join us in that mission.

The Operational Excellence (OpeX) team at HUMAN, is all about innovation and technology.
We're on a mission to make HUMAN's products smarter, faster, and more efficient.
By developing cutting-edge solutions, our team ensures that our detection and integration technologies can scale up to meet any challenge.
At the heart of HUMAN’s success, we focus on streamlining operations and embracing new tech to keep us ahead of the curve.
If you're passionate about making a technological impact and love solving complex problems, we want you on our team. Help us shape the future of technology at HUMAN.

What you'll do:

    • Develop cloud-based high-scale systems: Leverage the latest in cloud technology to build systems that can handle the demands of significantly large datasets with efficiency and reliability.
    • End-to-end (E2E) Ownership: Take full responsibility for projects from the initial design and architecture stages through to implementation, deployment, and ongoing maintenance.
    • Innovate and Optimize Operations: Continuously seek out and implement innovations and optimizations to improve the performance and scalability of our systems.
    • Collaborate on Cross-functional Teams: Work closely with other technical and research teams to integrate various products seamlessly, ensuring cohesive technology solutions across the board.
    • Ensure System Security and Compliance: Prioritize the security of our systems and ensure compliance with all relevant data protection regulations.
    • Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting: Regularly monitor system performance, identify and resolve any issues to maintain optimal operation.

Who you are:

    • Experienced Backend Engineer: +4 years of professional experience focused on backend system design and implementation.
    • Skilled in Cloud-Based Services: Demonstrated expertise in developing, deploying, and maintaining scalable, efficient, and robust cloud-based solutions.
    • Proficient in Multithreaded Programming: Expert in handling complex challenges in high-load environments through adept use of multithreaded programming techniques.
    • Adept in Object-Oriented Design: Strong foundation in object-oriented design principles, enabling the creation of modular, reusable, and maintainable code.
    • Architectural Knowledge: Solid understanding of architectural frameworks and best practices for large-scale backend services.
    • Team Player: Known for a collaborative approach, seamlessly integrating with cross-functional teams to achieve technological excellence.
    • Technology Enthusiast: Passionate about leveraging technology to solve problems, continuously exploring new tools and methodologies to enhance system performance and reliability.
HUMAN prides itself on being an equal opportunity workplace. We firmly believe in putting people first regardless of who you are, where you come from, how you identify, or who your favorite robot is (we have many). We are on a mission to protect the integrity of the internet for everyone, so we welcome all individuals to come to share their unique experiences and perspectives as we fight against cybercrime together!

With Humans located in all parts of the world, we’ve fully embraced our diversity of thought and are always looking for innovative ways to connect with one another - even in virtual reality! Although New York City is our HQ, we have teams in Tel Aviv, Israel; London, UK; Victoria, Canada; San Mateo, CA; Miami, FL; and Virginia.

We trust our Humans in choosing where they work and how they work. The total rewards package we provide reflects our commitment to our Humans’ personal career development, which includes annual stipends for home office setup, wellbeing, and learning & development. We also offer weekly lunches, dedicated time off, no-meeting Fridays (for our U.S. and Intl. based HUMANs), HUMAN days, and so much more.

We’re constantly trying to anticipate the needs of our Humans to ensure each one of us is equally prepared to do some of the best work of our life. Taking care of one another is part of the HUMAN experience and how we build true HUMAN connections.

If you are an individual with a disability or special need that requires accommodation, please contact us directly.