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Hummingbird is a platform for managing anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing operations. We are driven by the shared mission of fighting financial crime. Our work helps fight terrible crimes like human trafficking, political corruption, weapons sales, and drug cartels.

We are a customer-obsessed team. We love building and shipping great products. Our customers are financial crime fighters who are often drowning in paperwork and bureaucracy. We set a high bar for our work, and expect you to do the same. We challenge our assumptions, seek diverse opinions, and support each other to do great work.

As a lead for our data engineering practices, you will be responsible for managing our data infrastructure as it scales. You will help design, architect and build our data pipelines. You will work on a system for integrating third-party data sources, as well as leveraging data we collect from our customers, to detect and categorize criminal financial activities and help us incorporate the most advanced algorithms to compliantly fight financial crime with software. You will begin as an individual contributor, but hiring and building a team to support your efforts will be a core responsibility.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.


    • Build and lead the data engineering practice area at Hummingbird. Ensure data is viewed as a first class entity in all product, architecture, and strategy discussions.
    • Identify and ingest third-party data sources from public sources and external vendors to augment our data in a way that eases compliance workflows for our customers. 
    • Architect an infrastructure that can scale with our business.
    • Facilitate data science work both internally at Hummingbird and for our customers.
    • Provide the infrastructure, features, and analytics to support machine learning development.
    • Work closely with team members in Engineering, Product, Design, Sales, and Regulatory to understand customer and compliance requirements and define roadmaps for better data practices into our product solutions.
    • Build and maintain scalable data pipelines, ETLs and other infrastructure to structure data and make it available for analysis and model training.
    • Shadow customers when possible to build empathy for their problems, understand their workflows, and build user experiences that best support their needs.
    • Review the plans and work of other engineers on the team for use in your practice area as well as general maintainability, performance, and correctness.
    • Seek out and evaluate new libraries and vendors that compliment our technology.
    • Work with other senior members of the team to shape the culture of the Hummingbird engineering to be productive, inclusive, and welcoming.


    • Experience. You have extensive experience building data pipelines and infrastructure that can adapt and scale as data volume grows and customer needs evolve.
    • Subject Matter Expertise. You understand this area deeply and are excited by both simple data problems and seeking out the most advanced, cutting edge technologies.
    • Making trade offs. You've built enough things that you can make trade offs when building features and systems. 
    • Comfort with ambiguity. You can take a high-level customer request, product idea, or company requirement and build a solution to meet the need.
    • Nothing is precious. You love the process and the iteration. You’re not married to specific ideas or solutions, and regularly throw out work (we do this through all parts of Hummingbird).
    • Impact beyond code. You want to be more than hands on a keyboard, and know that your impact goes beyond the lines of code you write.
    • Honesty and humility. You're honest with yourself and your peers about your strengths, weaknesses, and what you can accomplish. You're constantly questioning your assumptions.
    • Security and safety. You care about correctness, automated testing, and data security. You are careful and methodical and incorporate security into your thinking at every stage of development.
    • Growth mindset. You want to learn and know that you can. You like digging deeply into new technologies, new domains, or new ideas. You're excited to take on something you've never done before.
    • Self prioritization. You constantly ask yourself what your top priorities are and if you’re supporting the overall goals of the company. When things are not certain, you’re not shy about asking for help.
    • Entrepreneurial spirit. You want to build something incredibly valuable and have real impact on the world. You're excited to get your hands dirty in pursuit of that goal.


    • You've previously integrated common data sources for financial information. Examples include KYC/KYB sources, watchlists including OFAC & Sanctions lists, news sentiment data, massive document libraries, etc.
    • You’ve worked on products that must conform to federal compliance requirements (HIPAA, PCI, etc).
    • You have experience building products with real-time, high-throughput data streams.
    • You have past experience with tech leadership or engineering management.
    • You've used Rails and React before.

Technologies we use and teach:

    • Ruby/Rails
    • React, JavaScript, TypeScript, d3
    • AWS, Heroku
    • PostgreSQL, Redis
If this is a problem that interests you, we would love to hear from you.

If you’re a technical person with a background in law enforcement, financial investigations, cyber crimes, or data security, even if you’re not looking for a job, we’d love to buy you coffee and chat.