Senior Designer

Brooklyn, NY /
Creative /
Role: Senior Designer
Level: Senior Level 
Supervisor: Art Director

Who we are:
We are a team of Proactive, Respectful, Communicative, Candid, Diverse, Equitable and Curious leaders seeking new team members who share our values. We are world-class experience designers, technologists, strategic thinkers and creators assembled to develop global design projects for adventurous, industry-changing Fortune 500 companies and leading organizations. 

Who you are:
Because you voraciously follow what’s happening in art and design through several channels, you can pull compelling design ideas for Concept Phases of work at HUSH at our scale of work. You can quickly make lots of 2D and 3D sketches that bring concepts and ideas to life to test collaboratively with designers, strategists and  technologists.

You speak with clarity and conviction about design choices and your process. You demonstrate your strategic mind in the way you deftly solve design challenges and complex client ideas.

Your portfolio shows an understanding of timeless design and current trends. It shows a track record of rigor in design, love and attention to detail and iteration – form, shape, graphic hierarchy, structure, balance and framing across many media – e.g. print, mobile, web, as prompts for generative work, UX/UI, in physical space [large scale] and non-traditional spaces.

You understand and can articulate a process for shaping a branding or graphics system. You’ve worked on teams doing digital interface. You produce design work that a majority of folks find polished, arresting, visceral, innovative – going beyond typical and generic design solutions without clutter and extraneous detailing. You’re both an effective collaborator with other designers across disciplines as well as a self starter.

Role Overview: 
You know content design/layout inside and out and are able to skillfully mold design in 2D, 3D, screens and in 360 degree physical space. You have proven your ability to complete design deliverables on time and on specification through careful self organization and clear communication with project managers and other designers. Your design work at HUSH pushes past the boundaries of 2D/3D, mobile/web and into the non-traditional digital experiences that are at the core of our agency. 

As a HUSH Senior Designer, you balance workloads in various stages of a project – concept, design development, production and QA/deployment.  Sometimes your focus is on high level conceptual design; at later project stages you’re in highly detailed production design. You’re communicative with your teammates and practice proven organizational and communication skills. In addition, you can articulate specific visions and opinions that help internal teams progress on a daily basis. You will build significant experience in user interface, information and motion driven content design. 

Focus: 70% making, and execution; 30% learning, and concepting

Key Responsibilities
•Work with the design, production and technology teams to deliver on project needs.
•Find unique, provoking visual inspiration that bring concepts to life and help develop creative concepts with a specific focus on user interaction,  digital interface and content design.
•Ensure deliverables are at the highest quality. Be a lead digital designer from concept through delivery.
•Collaborate with the technical department. Seek new ways to bring more synergy to the workflows between Strategy, Design and Creative Technology on a regular basis, reducing waterfall processes and increasing agility across disciplines.  
•Help refine presentation decks and project details.
•Engage in and receive active feedback on designs.
•Contribute regularly to the inspiration channel at HUSH through Slack, presentations of work and visual presentations of work you’ve seen in the world

Evaluation: Bi-annual meetings reviewing progress across core responsibilities, professional, and personal goals.

•Excellent design skills across 2D and 3D design software, competence in interface design and prototyping tools, content design tools. Creative coding knowledge is a plus. 2D/3D animation knowledge is a plus.
•Experience designing user interface, bringing information to life in generative ways and shaping  the foundation of motion driven content design is ideal.
•5+ years of design experience in a high-paced design agency or corporation.
•Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent work experience in design and related studies.
•Proven organizational, presentation and communication skills.
•Ideally all our design staff employees are able to come into the Brooklyn, NY office Tuesday through Thursday.

HUSH is an equal opportunity employer. We enthusiastically support diversity in the workforce.