Technical Director

Brooklyn, NY (Remote) /
Technology /
Role: Technical Director
Level: Leadership
Supervisor: Partner, Erik Karasyk

Who we are:
We are a team of Proactive, Respectful, Communicative, Candid, Curious and Inclusive leaders seeking new team members who share our values. We are world-class experience designers, technologists, strategic thinkers and creators assembled to develop global design projects for adventurous, industry-changing enterprise organizations.

Who you are:
Nearly every HUSH project explores new territory so you’re comfortable “not knowing” all the answers, but have a framework to work towards viable solutions. You are also a coach and teams feed off of your excitement and interest. You are strategic, considering all perspectives while problem solving. You're always searching for the most simple, elegant solution even if the design challenge is quite complex. Your years of experience ensures you can concept, schedule, and execute a plan. You’re a great communicator internally and externally, adopting the appropriate language for your audience, but you’ve also refined your critical listening skills. At this point in your career, you’re more focussed on mentoring others, building collaborative teams, setting standards, and delegating whenever you can. You have a wide diversity of mediums in your portfolio, and an enduring love for design and technology. 

Role Overview: 
Vision: As the Technical Director you’ll be accountable for the technology team at HUSH and responsible for the successful delivery of our projects. You’ll be a critical voice in shaping HUSH’s technology vision and its integration with our other departments. 

Management: You’ll collaborate regularly with our strategy, design, production, and operational teams through the lifecycle of projects.  

Communication: You’ll help create plain-english technology briefs to frame projects, and you’ll be an articulate voice during internal and external presentations.

Key Responsibilities:
Team Structures
•Build and manage a tightly knit, high performance team of employees.
•Evaluate potential talent to improve our collective abilities and shared knowledge. 
•Hire and collaborate with a multitude of contractors and vendors.
•Provide a strong point of view that delivers technological clarity to your team.

Team Leadership
•Guide project teams from initial design phases through to final delivery.
•Share your knowledge, mentor and educate your internal teams.
•Provide a clear technology vision that motivates and energizes the HUSH teams.
•Conduct regular performance reviews with goals-oriented success metrics.
•Ensure the standardization and refinement of best practices & templates.
•Coordinate educational sessions, sprints, research, experimentation, team building events, and engagement with the tech-community at large.

Client Facing
•Work with leadership to understand strategic and creative needs.
•Work through issues, and adapt to changes as they happen.
•Present concepts clearly, simply, and articulate our creative technology vision.
•Be an articulate voice during client discussions, building confidence and trust.
•Develop relationships with client’s technical leadership, growing future opportunities. 
•Ensure projects are delivered with thorough documentation and client handoffs.

Concept, Design & Engineering
•Provide a strong point of view on technology approaches, including references, research, and proof-of-concept prototyping.
•Estimate and plan with leadership teams on technology approaches in pre-sale.
•Manage the delivery of technical scopes, specs, documentation, and assumptions.
•Define a clear and collaborative process with the creative team, allowing for a quick and iterative tech-inspired design process.

Evaluation: Semi-annual meetings to review progress across your core responsibilities, professional and personal goals.

•12+ years of creative technology experience with fast-paced design and/or digital companies and large corporate clients
•7+ years of management, team building, and mentoring experience
•Strong communication, organizational, leadership and time-management skills
•Managing teams that are working within creative frameworks & languages as: Cinder, Processing, Touch Designer, C++, C#, Graphics Programming (GL, HLSL, GPGPU), iOS, Android, node.js, three.js, etc...
•Experience working with embedded systems, sensors, and physical computing

HUSH is an equal opportunity employer. We enthusiastically support diversity in the workforce.