Lead Systems Engineer

Brooklyn, NY (Remote) /
Technology /
Role: Lead Systems Engineer
Level: Senior
Supervisor: Technology Director

Who we are:
We are a team of Proactive, Respectful, Communicative, Candid, Curious and Inclusive leaders seeking new team members who share our values. We are world-class experience designers, technologists, strategic thinkers and creators assembled to develop global design projects for adventurous, industry-changing enterprise organizations.

Who you are:
Nearly every HUSH project is adventurous and trailblazing so you need to be comfortable with “not knowing” and active problem solving. You love the process of researching, learning, and teaching to help support your team’s efforts. Clients feel comfortable because you communicate your point of view clearly. You know complex solutions are sometimes needed, but you're always searching for more simplicity. You have a wide diversity of technology-rich projects in your portfolio, and you have a love for emerging tech and cutting-edge systems.

Role Overview: 
As Lead Systems Engineer your core focus will be to manage our approach to systems design, planning, and the execution of our technology-infused projects. You’ll collaborate with the design teams on projects from concept to delivery, ensuring everyone stays true to the mission and vision of each project. You’ll work with a global team of talent with robust backgrounds in visual, technical, architectural, and audio design. You’ll be an articulate voice during internal and external presentations. You’ll help business development teams communicate achievable technology solutions to our clients.

Focus: 50% concept & planning, 50% execution & deployment

Key Responsibilities:
•Shepherd system designs from initial concept phases through final delivery.
•Work with creative & strategy teams to contribute to client presentations.
•Support collaboration with the design and development teams, coordinate with vendors, and lead the execution of systems design.
•Manage hand-off documentation and conduct training for client technical and operational teams.
•Travel as needed for site scouts, presentations, installations, deliveries, etc..

•Share knowledge, inspire, and educate teams about new technology and systems.
•Research and share inspirational references, educate and quickly execute proof-of-concept prototypes.
•Work with existing and emerging technologies, lead initiatives within our internal R&D process.

•Manage and continually improve internal Systems Design practices to work smoothly with development operations & design templates.
•Research and review potential vendors, freelance talent and staff to support projects and grow the team’s capabilities.
•Strengthen relationships with our client’s technical leadership teams in order to support future opportunities. 

Evaluation: Semi-annual meetings to review progress across core responsibilities, professional and personal goals.

•10+ years of creative technology experience w/ fast-paced design agencies & clients
•Strong communication, organizational, team and time-management skills
•Fluency working with creative frameworks such as Cinder, Processing, Touch Designer, C++, C#, Graphics Programming (GL, HLSL, GPGPU), etc.
•Fluency with modern digital development tools: iOS, Android, node.js, three.js, etc.
•Experience working with embedded systems, sensors, and physical computing

HUSH is an equal opportunity employer. We enthusiastically support diversity in the workforce.