Research Scientist

San Francisco
Business & Operations
HVMN is hiring for a full time position to build out its Science and R&D team.

HVMN is an SF-based performance nutrition brand -- we research, develop, and produce products for enhancing metabolic health and performance.  Our customers include NFL teams, elements of the US Department of Defense, Grand Tour cycling teams that just finished up the Tour de France, and everyday athletes looking to level up their game.

We are passionate about advancing the science supporting our current products, taking a science-based approach to product development and to ensuring that all of our communications are scientifically accurate. Our flagship product and center of our brand, HVMN Ketone, is arguably one of the most powerful ways to manipulate metabolism and thus has many potential applications for health and performance. We wish to expand our understanding of the use cases for HVMN Ketone and source new, innovative scientific inventions that we might use our world-class expertise to commercialize.

Responsibilities include supporting current HVMN Ketone R&D, overseeing science communication across our brand, sourcing and securing further research partnerships both for HVMN Ketone and potential new products and acting as a scientific consultant for existing and potential elite customers (sport, military and medical) who are interested in HVMN products.

Core Responsibilities

    • Assist with execution of current HVMN Research Efforts: experimental design, proposal writing and budgeting, administration and monitoring of project as required, project reporting.
    • Find and apply for other small business research opportunities that apply to our products.
    • Assist with content editing for our blog articles, product landing pages and emails.  
    • Co-owner of the science side of our new product development pipeline. Create and curate a database with new and interesting ingredients, evidence, possible synergies and competitor products.
    • Co-owner on elite athlete and military customer sales and technical support.

Experience and Qualifications

    • Demonstrable domain expertise (PhD or Masters) in relevant scientific space: human physiology, performance, metabolism, neuroscience.
    • Human research study management experience. Familiar with the process of study design, funding, ethics, piloting, data collection, statistical analysis, scientific writing and reporting.  

Key Traits

    • Impeccable written and verbal communication skills.
    • Deep desire to work hard and do great work.
    • Willing to learn about science/business interaction.
    • Human enhancement / biohacking / fitness interest
    • Desire to work in a fast-paced, quickly-growing start-up environment.
    • Business-minded, aggressive, and lean, with a high degree of self-motivation.
    • Growth mindset, both on a personal basis (self-improver, self-learner) as well as on a team scale (expand your team as your scope increases).


    • Market salary and above market equity.
    • Any hardware, software, or setup that you need to hit your full potential.
    • Gym membership.
Candidates must be legally authorized to work in the United States.