Veterans in Residence Fellows

SF or Remote
Business & Operations
HVMN created its Veterans-in-Residence program to bring highly-motivated, self-sufficient, auto-didactic veterans into the business of elite human performance. The role can be bespoke around the individual's specific interests and skillset, but will be initially centered around Customer Success and Sales as an entry point.

The core of the role will center around our customers. Customers are the heartbeat of our company, and in this role, your mission is to stay on top of all customer questions, suggestions, and requests. Through this initial phase, you will gain an understanding of the HVMN customer base and acquire business fundamentals across marketing/operations/finance/e-commerce and develop understanding of key science areas relating to ketosis, physiology, and metabolism. After mastery within Customer Success, the second phase of the program will involve honing your skills in a specific business function: sales, operations/logistics, product development, marketing, events, etc.

We're seeking veterans that will be able to transition into a full-time position based in San Francisco.

Key Traits

    • Hard-working, intelligent, curious, ambitious.
    • Articulate in oral and written communication.
    • Problem-solver, able to identify and solve ambiguous problems with cross-functional solutions.
    • Ability to effectively work with technical, finance, marketing, operations, and other business functions.
    • Desire to learn & improve quickly.
    • Entrepreneurial, eager to build businesses and products that create impact at scale.

Experience / Qualifications

    • Veteran of the US Armed Forces
    • Business-related work experience, including part-time and internships, is a significant plus.

Core Responsibilities

    • Maintain 100% customer satisfaction, handling all inbound requests, questions, comments, and suggestions in a timely & professional manner.
    • Collate ideas for improving the business and work with key stakeholders to achieve these improvements.
    • Develop specific sales, marketing, or operations/logistics projects