Hong Kong
Media – Hypebae
Propelled forward by a culture that pushes boundaries and questions expectations at every turn, HYPEBAE is at the forefront of a modern landscape shaped by strong women. As an extension of HYPEBEAST, today’s premier online destination for editorially driven commerce and news, HYPEBAE is a women’s editorial division that aims to showcase today’s female leaders within fashion and culture. We are a refined curation of empowering female-centric themes, bolstered by a news section that aims to break today’s top cultural stories.

At the heart of HYPEBAE is its impactful, editorial content. Inspired by the extraordinary accomplishments of the women surrounding them, our editorial team is driven to showcase the incredible works of their contemporaries. From stylists and designers, to musicians and dancers, we are interested in learning about the strength and perseverance of each of these individuals. Through op-ed pieces, in-depth interviews and investigative reporting, our content is a candid reflection of how women interact with the world around them.


    • Oversee the publishing of daily content and news
    • Coordinate with brands and personalities for content (i.e. reaching out)
    • Oversee the creation of questions for interviews
    • Manage an editorial calendar
    • Creation of longer form editorial pieces
    • Conduct interviews
    • Coordinate projects with the Brand Partnership team
    • Ensureeditorial direction is on-brand
    • Art direction for features
    • Introduce and executing editorial concepts
    • Approve longer form content
    • Intra-department organization for editorial
    • Pitch, conceptualize, lead and execute Brand Partnership concepts
    • Strategize growth
    • Review job applications
    • Interview potential employees
    • Correspondence with Managing Editor


    • Fluency in English
    • Valid HKID
    • Knowledge of HYPEBAE content at a local and international level
    • Two years of experience within the industry

    • Although not necessary, the following would be preferred
    • Basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop
If you think you have what it takes to join the fast-growing and dynamic team, please send three writing samples of 150 words, a cover letter and CV to us.