Head of Marketing

Atlanta, Georgia
Creative & Production – Production
Ideas United is a creative agency focused on producing authentic, story-driven content with a purpose. 
We are a network of innovators, influencers, and trendsetters who shape cultural narratives. We know how to speak directly to a youthful audience because that’s who we are. We believe every brand has a story to tell, and we’re ready to tell them.

Ideas United (iU) is looking for someone to help tell our story. We are storytellers. But with every new client, comes less time for us to help shape our own narrative. We feel strongly about who we are and what we do, and need your help in bottling that magical potion to share with the world. We want to find someone who has the desire to understand the many layers of our three core products: content, events, and campaigns and translate them in a compelling way to an ever-growing audience. We need someone who can create a clear plan for how iU is represented to potential clients and the world at large. We’d also look for this team member to be able to strategize how this group would grow as demand increases. Our path has been unique and we need to find a person capable of creating new entry points and pathways for people to find out about iU.


    • Ideate, foster, and execute an impactful, purpose-driven, brand-defining marketing strategy
    • Focus on outward communications for three key services (productions, campaigns, events)
    • Develop tools for the growth team to help tell the story of iU
    • Create a PR strategy to create high impact, getting our story into trades & mass media
    • Provide resources for use at conferences and other events
    • Identify and build out some strong stories / case studies that any business development exec could replicate
    • Ownership of all iU social media channels and working to create cross-brand cohesion
    • Increase and maintain iU’s presence at conference and for speaking engagements
    • Oversee strategy for ad buys and media placement for iU
    • Help reinforce and update the written, verbal, and visual story of iU
    • Translate internal goals and objectives into innovative marketing strategies
    • Inspire, make people want to learn more, and make them take action
    • Work on multiple projects, for a variety of platforms, often under tight deadlines, all while maintaining and communicating a clear sense of purpose
    • Conduct industry-related market analysis and brand positioning
    • Ask questions that help push the team & boundaries
    • Approach the brand & team with empathy
    • Keep up with & educate teammates about the latest trends
    • Work with Project Managers to ensure creation and execution
We’re good at a lot of things, like eating tacos, making playlists, and throwing footballs across the office without breaking anything (well, except that one time). We’re also pretty darn good at crafting authentic and original content, events, and campaigns.

What we do goes beyond basic content creation — we take our clients on an epic journey through the perilous world of media production, dodging ineffective schedules and budget overages, and landing our clients directly in front of their uniquely engaged target demographic.

We were event planners before event planners were a thing. Over the years, we’ve produced everything from college tours to cross-country fundraising events to national conferences with hundreds of hours of programming for thousands of attendees.

Campaign, schmampaign. We’re always three steps ahead of your average strategy. Our work propels new brands to greatness and redefines existing brands in ways even they didn’t think was possible.