Head of Projects

Atlanta, Georgia
Creative & Production – Project Management
Ideas United is a creative agency focused on producing authentic, story-driven content with a purpose. 
We are a network of innovators, influencers, and trendsetters who shape cultural narratives. We know how to speak directly to a youthful audience because that’s who we are. We believe every brand has a story to tell, and we’re ready to tell them.

The Project Management team fosters and supports all communication, workflow, and processes at iU. We like to think of our PM team as the heart of any project, the central hub through which all ideas flow from the first note in a brainstorm, to the final delivery out the door.

The Head of Projects’ core responsibility is to make sure the work gets done by creating a sustained environment for Project Managers to thrive. That includes working closely with our Director of Operations to ensure we have robust processes and tools in place to help create a more efficient, effective, and collaborative landscape. Support for the Project Managers is also a key component of the role, from training during onboarding to support throughout the lifespan of any given project.

This is a role driven by communication and necessitates someone who can tackle difficult conversations and motivate the team to keep driving toward deadlines, while inspiring and pushing the team to accomplish the impossible*.

*Nothing is impossible.


    • Ensure that all projects are managed, planned, and supervised in a consistent, transparent, and disciplined manner.
    • Hire, manange, and develop Project Managers based on project and company needs.
    • Drive improvements in tool & software practices/processes within teams and across iU.
    • Delegation of all active projects to Project Managers and make sure they all have what they need.
    • Work closely with Director’s across Growth, Accounts, and Creative & Production to facilitate a cohesive project workflow from start to finish.
    • Breed open communication across all groups.
    • Work with Growth and Accounts teams to supervise and assign all active pitches to appropriate C&P team members, ensuring quality control and team collaboration.
    • Provide team with high-level status updates on projects and be able to speak to the general welfare of any given projects from timelines to budgets.
    • Lead efforts to reduce inefficiency and build a more engaged project environment.

Required Skills and Experience

    • 5+ years of project management experience
    • Change agent in the form of process, culture, or organization
    • Foundational work in shaping teams
    • Working in a fast-moving, ever in-flux environment
    • Solid writing and verbal communication skills
    • Proactive, outgoing attitude and approach
    • Proficient time management
    • Detail-oriented and organized
We’re good at a lot of things, like eating tacos, making playlists, and throwing footballs across the office without breaking anything (well, except that one time). We’re also pretty darn good at crafting authentic and original content, events, and campaigns.

What we do goes beyond basic content creation — we take our clients on an epic journey through the perilous world of media production, dodging ineffective schedules and budget overages, and landing our clients directly in front of their uniquely engaged target demographic.

We were event planners before event planners were a thing. Over the years, we’ve produced everything from college tours to cross-country fundraising events to national conferences with hundreds of hours of programming for thousands of attendees.

Campaign, schmampaign. We’re always three steps ahead of your average strategy. Our work propels new brands to greatness and redefines existing brands in ways even they didn’t think was possible.