Communications Manager

Atlanta, Georgia
Creative & Production – Marketing
Ideas United is a creative agency focused on producing authentic, story-driven content with a purpose. 
We are a network of innovators, influencers, and trendsetters who shape cultural narratives. We know how to speak directly to a youthful audience because that’s who we are. We believe every brand has a story to tell, and we’re ready to tell them.

The Communications Manager develops and implements communication activities and strategies for Ideas United that enhance and build our reputation as a creative studio changing the way stories are told. This position is the primary liaison with the media, actively cultivating and sustaining relationships with reporters, bloggers and influencers in print and digital media. They work closely with the Head of Marketing to develop integrated public relations campaigns that leverage branded content across internal and external channels.


    • Develop and implement public relations campaigns that drive media coverage of iU and its partnerships in target audience markets (primarily Atlanta metro, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, New York).
    • Create branded content for media, including online press room, blog, image galleries and content syndication services.
    • Responsible for creating and curating content for all iU social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, as well as any future platforms.
    • Track and analyze content reach for optimization purposes.
    • Manage media interviews with senior leadership, staff and clients as required, acting as liaison to ensure all parties are properly briefed and coordinated.
    • Develop and maintain iU’s Media Communication Policy.
    • Develop press angles and ideas that support the marketing plan and drive coverage of iU and its projects.
    • Cultivate media contacts and actively pitch story ideas to various electronic and print outlets.
    • Monitor media for potential story/feature lines, special media interests and trends that could impact Ideas United.
    • Write and edit all press releases, PSAs, fact sheets and other supporting materials with an acute eye toward deadlines.
    • Develop, maintain and distribute iU information documents (boilerplates, history, mission statements, fact sheets, milestones, etc.).
    • Oversee the management of media lists and editorial calendar listings.
    • Coordinate internal/external public relations and communications efforts with Campus Movie Fest and its sub-brands to ensure alignment and cross-promotion. 
    • Be available and responsive to answer any press related issues or questions.
    • Serve as additional copy editor on iU publications, supervising internal and outsourced copywriters or editors as required.
    • Maintain and update iU’s online press room.
    • Ensure message alignment for iU in coordination with the CEO, President, VP’s of Creative & Production and Head of Marketing.
    • Ensure that all communication products and tools (copy, photos, footage, press releases, displays, web pages, etc.) are in line with the iU vision.
    • Develop effective public relations and communications strategies.
    • Provide media awareness counsel and training to leadership team, staff and administrators prior to interviews.
    • Serve as iU spokesperson when appropriate.

Desired Skills and Experience

    • Excellent written and oral communication skills, strong project management skills, computer proficiency, and knowledge of basic office machines.
    • Excellent interpersonal skills, sense of humor, sense of urgency and the ability to juggle multiple projects simultaneously.
    • Four-year degree in related field (i.e. Media Relations, Journalism, English,  Communications).
    • Five years experience in related Media Relations field is required.  Experience specifically with entertainment and tech industry a plus.
    • Knowledge and experience with the local and national media.  
    • Knowledge of digital public relations strategies and tactics.
    • Knowledge of online social media platforms and best practices.
    • Experience with content management systems.
    • Experience with Adobe Creative Cloud and a variety of content forms, including the ability to integrate text, still images, blogs, audio and video for digital/social media distribution.
    • Ability and willingness to learn and use new technology as it evolves.
    • Experience with professional photo/video equipment is preferred.
    • Willingness to work some weekends, evenings and early mornings as needed. 
We’re good at a lot of things, like eating tacos, making playlists, and throwing footballs across the office without breaking anything (well, except that one time). We’re also pretty darn good at crafting authentic and original content, events, and campaigns.

What we do goes beyond basic content creation — we take our clients on an epic journey through the perilous world of media production, dodging ineffective schedules and budget overages, and landing our clients directly in front of their uniquely engaged target demographic.

We were event planners before event planners were a thing. Over the years, we’ve produced everything from college tours to cross-country fundraising events to national conferences with hundreds of hours of programming for thousands of attendees.

Campaign, schmampaign. We’re always three steps ahead of your average strategy. Our work propels new brands to greatness and redefines existing brands in ways even they didn’t think was possible.