Senior Copywriter @ Harvard Innovation Lab VIP incubated Non-Profit Mental Health Startup

Boston, MA
1. Executive positions
Full time/ Part time
Do you want to learn how to improve the world? Ever wonder what it would be like to be able to get in at the ground level working at a transformational organization just as they started growing rapidly with a team of less than ten? Do you want to be a part of an organization helping mental health entrepreneurs and ChangeMakers as they work to positively impact the lives of 1000's, 100,000's or 1,000,000's and secure $XX M+ funding?

At Ignite Mental Health we're mobilizing, supporting, and uniting mental health entrepreneurs/ organizations while concurrently mobilizing students at scale, to achieve Three Utopian Mental Health Goals. Using this novel approach, we're working to make the impossible inevitable; working to build and scale breakthrough organizations and movements to be as impactful as Facebook and Google but in addressing the root causes of some of the biggest problems affecting mental health!

Become a member of a mission-driven founding team that grew rapidly from the Harvard and MIT communities with the help of the Harvard Innovation Labs Venture Incubation Program, to become a nationwide effort in just 9 months!

As a member of the Ignite team, you will perch atop a transformational organization and have the opportunity to learn, grow, and hopefully thrive in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial, and impact-driven environment. On a daily basis, you will likely find yourself exposed to new perspectives, developing and growing in ways you did't expect you would!

If you're looking for a structured, predictable, and hold-your-hand type environment, Ignite unfortunately won't be it! Tenacity, coach-ability, a go-getter/self-starter mentality, and a willingness to speak up and fully embrace radical candor are essentials. As too is the desire to work in a nimble fast-paced startup, where bottlenecks, imperfect processes, and growing pains are the norm on the road to world-changing impact.

FYI talent comes in all forms and sizes, we’re not easily dazzled by big-brand schools or companies. We are dazzled by people who genuinely want to improve mental health and who have the growth mindset and chops to make it happen!

General Responsibilities

    • Write and edit copy for breakthrough mental health campaigns and movements reaching thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people. Including but not limited to: newspapers, online blogs, web pages, product descriptions and names, direct mail pieces, outdoor, print, apps, emails
    • Evolve and expand our brand voice and personality
    • Mentor and edit junior copywriters
    • Collaborate with graphic designers, entrepreneurs and founders
    • Help shape/define our brand's national image and online presence copy touches every aspect of our business and is at the heart of our success
    • Wearing any hat needed to achieve your team's upcoming OKR's and product goals
    • Actively learning on the job and diving into new areas where you may have little expertise in
    • Amplify the efforts of our executive team (CEO, COO, VPs) and help implement our vision
    • Own the mission of our organization and wear whatever "hat" is necessary to achieve OKR's!
    • Team specific responsibilities will depend on the team you are placed on and will be discussed more during the interview process


    • You're a great writer. Maybe you've got a great blog. Maybe you write stories or plays, or perform in sketches. Whatever you do, you're obsessed with doing it right
    • Strong copy-editing abilities; excellent written communication skills
    • Deeply passionate about mental health and all things copy
    • Growth mindset, hungry to learn and not afraid of failure
    • Relentless learner: you want to maximize your experience with us and learn as much as you can
    • Be honest, transparent and high-integrity 


    • Relevant or leadership experience
    • Appreciation of puns :-)
NB: This position is at a non-profit mental health organization and is non-compensated. For candidates who are in University /a co-op, we gladly invest best efforts in assisting you in your securing of educational internships (for credit), financial stipends, financial fellowships or financial scholarships to cover your living and other costs while with us. 

Ignite Mental Health is a non-profit organization founded and run by Harvard students and incubated by the Harvard Innovation Labs VIP program. We are not a department of Harvard University, nor are we in anyway owned or operated by the University.
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Our ambition is to help build organizations, movements and products —unafraid of transforming traditional approaches—that tackle the root causes of some of the biggest problems affecting mental health.

Are you in?