Graphic Designer (remote or in person) @ Harvard Innovation Lab VIP incubated Non-Profit Mental Health Startup

Charlotte, NC
13. Graphic Designers
Full time/ Part time

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Graphic Designer intern

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  • What start and end date period are you applying for? Are you applying to join for May - August 31st, June - December, a mix of both, permanently or other (please be specific)?
  • How many hours per week Mon - Fri are you applying to join us for? Eg, full time, part time etc and if so please let us know the time intervals on each day of the week, please provide as much information as you can.
  • Why are you interested in accelerating solutions in and improving global mental health?
  • Have you included a link to your portfolio or past works in the space provided on this form (please include a link as we can not click links included in your resume)? If you haven't could you explain why you didn't?
  • Please check this box to confirm that you are aware this position is with a non-profit mental health incubator and is non-compensated. For candidates who are University /co-op we gladly invest best efforts in assisting you in securing of educational internships (for credit), financial stipends, financial fellowships or financial scholarships from your host institution.

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