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Do you want to improve the world? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work alongside a like-minded group of highly talented peers on campuses across America working to accelerate social change? Excited by the opportunity to contribute to the acceleration of innovative mental health solutions and legislative changes intended to positively impact the lives of 1,000’s, 100,000’s or 1,000,000’s?     
At Ignite Mental Health we're accelerating world-class mental health entrepreneurs and mobilizing key change agents to catalyze the scalable innovations and legislative changes needed to transform the future of student mental health. Using this approach, we're working to make the impossible inevitable; helping build and scale lasting legislative changes and breakthrough solutions to be as impactful as Google and Facebook that focus solely on equipping every student with the ability to avoid, overcome or effectively manage any mental health challenge.  
Become a member of a bold and ambitious mission-driven non-profit that grew rapidly as a member of the Harvard Innovation Labs Venture Program, to become a nationwide effort in just nine months! 
All of us at Ignite have experienced first-hand, or through that of loved ones and friends, the pain caused by how broken our approaches towards mental health really are. This has driven us to come together to unite some of the best minds and doers on the planet to fix it, on a national scale and accelerated timeline.   
We are accepting applications from all U.S. Grad & Undergrad campuses! 

What will you do? / Responsibilities (1-3 hours per month)

    • Advance the mission and expand your network: Mental Health Innovation & Legislative Change Campus Leaders are a talented group of highly capable students who electrify Ignite Mental Health's mission on U.S. Campuses. They join an active community of likeminded, passionate peers from campuses throughout the United States who want to learn about and help accelerate mental health innovations and legislative changes. 
    • Accelerate solutions in mental health: Campus Leaders will have the opportunity to accelerate solutions in mental health by connecting and helping to pilot, test or validate new mental health solutions (organizations, startups, digital resources and apps) with their campus wellness centers and student groups on their campus. 
    • Develop skills: Campus Leaders will have the opportunity to deploy and refine their communication, leadership and teamwork skills through creating relationships and working with the Presidents of some of the largest student organizations on their campuses. They may then collaborate with these stakeholders to mobilize students to support student mental health state or federal legislative campaigns (e.g., mobilizing 100 phone calls to congress etc.). 
    • Learn more about the latest innovations in student mental health: Campus Leaders will have the opportunity to learn more about innovative solutions in student mental health and entrepreneurship via our 'Power Talks - Innovating in Mental Health' community-only monthly guest speaker event and our monthly 'Shooting for the Moon: Innovations in Student Mental Health' newsletter.

How much time would you invest?

    • On average, 1-3 hours per month. There may be additional options to become more involved if desired.


    • Deeply passionate about improving the world and transforming the future of mental health. 
    • Excellent written and verbal communications skills. 
    • Enrolled in at least one class during the upcoming 2021 Spring semester.
    • Willing to commit 1-3 hours per month during January - June 2021. 
    • Comfortable with joining an early- stage, fast- growing social impact non-profit where pivots in strategy and outcomes, ambiguity, inefficient process or communications delays might regrettably occur. 


    • What exactly will I do as a Campus Leader? Feel free to read more in the 'what will you do' section above. Our Campus Leaders monthly goals can usually be categorized into: 1. Connecting and helping pilot, test or validate new mental health solutions (organizations, startups, digital resources and apps) to their campus wellness centers and student organizations (we share email intro templates, incase helpful). 2. Establishing a relationship with Student Organization Presidents and encouraging them to mobilize support behind selected student mental health focused state or federal legislative campaigns. 3. Other ad-hoc mission aligned campus outreach-related outcomes. Campus Leaders do not provide direct or peer support to other students and do not currently focus on college specific focused advocacy campaigns.  
    • Do I need extensive experience to apply? Related or extensive experience is not required.
    • I am a freshmen or graduate student, can I apply? Yes, we accept applicants from all years, undergraduate and graduate. 
    • How much time will I invest monthly? Usually 1 - 3 hours per month. 
    • When does the position start and finish? The program kicks-off on a rolling basis (Dec 2020) and finishes in June 2021. 
    • Is this a volunteer position? Yes, it is. This position is non-compensated (unpaid) and is volunteer in nature with a social impact nonprofit. 
    • Does this position count as an internship? No. This position does not satisfy the criteria for internship credit. 
    • Does this program provide formal training and mentorship? Our campus program is project based and does not require or provide formal training or direct mentorship. 
    • Will there be press and media engagement opportunities /can I engage in press and media activities on behalf of the organization?: During the Spring semester there won't be, but we anticipate that by September we will have a really good press and media program created.
    • Additional questions? Feel free to email us at 
We are working to scale innovative solutions and legislative changes —unafraid of transforming traditional approaches—that tackle the root causes of some of the biggest problems affecting mental health.  
Are you in?