Create a Profile - Story, Visual Development, and Creative

At Illumination our stories are known for their unique humor and global reach.   In order to create these unique and broadly appealing stories, we look for multi-cultural storytellers who have universal and diverse perspectives, and a sweet and subversive sense of story.  
 We invite artists of all levels, with diverse backgrounds and experiences, to come work with us.

As a Storyboard Artist, you will be responsible for translating story ideas into visual sequences that simply and briefly illustrate the essence of storyline and scene structure in order to drive the characters’ emotions, actions and humor.

As a Visual Story Teller/Concept Artist, you will be responsible for creating the narrative of the film through the worlds, moods, stories, color and character development you design. 

Must haves

    • Unique point of view
    • Dynamic drawings
    • Strong comedic sensibilities… with an edge
    • Strong draftsmanship
    • Versatility
    • Amazing story telling abilities 
Illumination Entertainment, through its affiliate UAS, currently has exciting opportunities for Artists to join the animation team and we want to hear from you