Platform Engineer/SRE (Cloud & Cluster Computing) m/f/d

Hamburg /
Engineering /
/ On-site
Impossible Cloud is building a new, distributed, virtual Cloud platform. Our first offering will be Cloud storage, later followed by Cloud compute and networking through our distributed network of nodes provided by various suppliers. Demand for Cloud services is increasing exponentially: here, you become part of the new global system driven by decentralized technologies disrupting the mainstream Cloud space.

Our founders are serial entrepreneurs and were extremely successful with previous companies. This provides the company with highly stable financing. We are strategically and financially independent from investors, we’re entering a booming market, and we’re passionate and 100% committed to success. 

Join our team of rockstar entrepreneurial-minded engineers driving innovation, especially when established technologies face scaling challenges. In an all-English-speaking environment, we are researching and learning new solutions daily, pushing the boundaries of distributed technologies. Become part of something bigger: Impossible Cloud is aiming to create a European technology counterweight to the current dominance of the tech giants. Finally, we are proudly part of a global movement to improve the efficiency of existing infrastructure and build a smart, diverse, and sustainable business. Come reinvent the internet with Impossible Cloud!

As an SRE/DevOps Engineer m/f/d located in Hamburg, Germany, you will design and implement the technical architecture, deploy software, and do software monitoring for infrastructure and services.
You will work closely with Developers, other DevOps engineers, and release management to ensure code will be deployed in the most reliable manner.
You take ownership and will challenge what's supposed to be deployed. 
You will be one of the first engineers to build cutting-edge infrastructure from scratch in the blockchain industry at Qubit9.

Your Tasks

    • You share ownership with developers to create shared responsibility and reduce organizational silos
    • Setting up and implementing the release management
    • Building an SLO and SLI and its critical parameters from scratch
    • Observe what has to be automated and initiate actions to automate things
    • Design, create, and maintain the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline based on modern frameworks such as Jenkins, TeamCity, GitHub Actions, etc.
    • Ensure the operation and maintenance of the applications, considering additional aspects such as monitoring, alerting, logging, and security
    • Develop & maintain cloud security solutions and integrate security services
    • Implement patch management across the whole infrastructure and tech stacks
    • Setting up the testing and deployment automatization

What you should bring

    • Have worked as a Senior member or Team Tech lead in a DevOps capacity
    • Have mentored junior Engineers on your team
    • You should bring experience with Typescript, Go, Python, or any other high-level language
    • Experience with managing Linux systems
    • Hands-on experience with databases or search engines like PostgreSql / MongoDB / ElasticSearch
    • Ideally, you worked with container technologies, like Docker and/or Kubernetes
    • Being familiar with DevOps principles, practices, and technologies
    • You have worked already with automation tools (Terraform, Ansible, or some other tool)
    • You are familiar with some cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure, or any other)
    • Ideally, you bring first experience in the blockchain industry
    • It would help if you were savvy with architecture, deployment methods, and monitoring solutions
    • Experience in Docker, k8s, Mesos
    • One or more of: S3, EFS, Cloudera, Azure Blobs, GCP Cloud Storage


    • Being with the company from the very beginning
    • Power to influence the company’s culture and the opportunity to bring your own ideas
    • Working together with serial tech-founders to become the next big thing in cloud computing and blockchain
    • Experience truly fast growth - work with us on the journey to become THE next impactful player in the blockchain industry
    • In our office, you find motivating colleagues, healthy brain foods (such as a variety of berries, nuts, yogurt, or avocados), good coffee, and no bad stuff
    • Flat hierarchy where all colleagues together work on the same mission
1. Please submit your LinkedIn Profile or CV together with the application form
2. After checking your application, we invite candidates fitting our requirements to a first screening, during which we will also tell you about us.
3. We will then initiate further interviews to understand you and your skills better while striving for a fast and lean process.
4. Very soon, you might get an offer call, a written offer letter, and one signature later, you join the team.