Machine (Processing) Operator

Oakland, CA
Full time
Do you want to be part of an exciting company dedicated to solving the greatest challenge humanity faces? Then Impossible Foods is the place for you.

Impossible Foods was founded in 2011 to create a truly sustainable global food system by inventing an efficient, sustainable way to transform plants into irresistibly delicious, nutritious food -- food that delivers all the pleasures and nutritional benefits consumers demand, without the destructive environmental impact. Our first product, the Impossible Burger, was introduced by top chefs to the world and is currently available at over 5000 restaurants across the United States and abroad.

We are looking for a skilled Processing Operator to perform a set of tasks using machinery while following safety rules and respecting quality procedures. You will be responsible for setting up, operating following Good Manufacturing Practices, performing product quality control, basic maintenance on various pieces of equipment to ensure the efficient running of production. A great machine operator will be reliable, able to pay attention to details throughout her/his full scheduled work shift. The ideal candidate will have the willingness to learn and improve and will be trained both in a classroom setting and through On-the-job so being a team player is essential since all tasks will require close collaboration with co-workers. The goal will be to ensure that production procedures will be carried on smoothly to maximize efficiency minimize costs. Because of the manufacturing environment and potential dangers from working close to large machines, safety and cleanliness in the workplace are the most important focus on a day to day basis and are expected to be part of each Impossible Foods Manufacturing associate’s DNA. Some machine operators are responsible for one function, while others are responsible for a variety of steps, utilizing different equipment for each.

You Will:

    • Adherence to health and safety regulations (e.g. constant use of protective gear).
    • Perform safety checks on every machine.
    • Keep records of intermediate or final products using a MRP system (computer/barcode scanner).
    • Create and maintain activity logs.
    • Provide relevant information regarding progress to supervisors.
    • Perform raw material and machine setups (staging, sanitation, calibration, etc.) to start a production cycle.
    • Control and adjust the functions and settings of processing equipment (e.g. flows).
    • Troubleshoot problems during processing operation.
    • Test the operation of machines periodically to guarantee their smooth running.
    • Apply Quality assurance procedures.
    • perform regular preventative maintenance procedures.
    • Feed the necessary raw material to semi-automated machines.
    • Inspect production to ensure they meet requirements.
    • Fix issues that might occur during the shift.
    • Can train OJT fellow associate.
    • Update operating procedures.
    • Perform Sanitation operations.

You Have:

    • Operators are required to have a high school diploma or its equivalent.
    • Two years of experience working in a production environment.
    • Working knowledge of complex processing equipment and measurement tools preferred.
    • Food manufacturing background preferred.
    • Operators need to be able to lift 50 pounds and work on their feet, while using tools to perform repetitive actions, for a 10-hour shift.