Developer Evangelist

M² – M2 /
Permanent Employee (PE) /
We are a British metaverse and Web3 technology company pioneering cultural change through the creation of interconnected virtual worlds and environments. 

Virtual worlds have a profound impact on the real world. Our goal is to work with partners to create metaversal experiences that enrich and meaningfully extend the potential of our lives, through live interactive events, multiplayer games, entertainment and social spaces – all with cutting-edge technology but that allows many thousands of people to interact in high-fidelity environments, at the same time and in the same space. 

M2 is an ecosystem of interoperable metaverses, connecting together brands and businesses, creators and fans, bringing spectacular experiences to life at unprecedented scale and enabling a crossworld economy. M2 addresses builders, small businesses and large brands and enables mass-scale virtual experiences connected through a shared digital asset economy.

About the Role

We are searching for a Developer Evangelist to join our team. This role is crucial in driving our technology's understanding, adoption, and integration among developers and the broader tech community. Your focus will be on creating compelling written content that educates, inspires, and engages our community.

You will be supporting MSquared Origin. Origin is a platform for creating interconnected Metaversal experiences. It can create experiences of unmatched Quality and Scale - build events that look amazing and are capable of hosting a huge amount of people. These experiences form part of the Open Metaverse, allowing movement of people and harnessing the Open Source  for truly portable Metaversal Objects.


Your Opportunity:

    • Develop, write, and edit technical content, including blogs, articles, tutorials, guides, and documentation that clearly explain complex technical concepts and our platform's functionality.
    • Build relationships with key influencers, developers, and decision-makers in the developer community.
    • Define, drive, and manage comprehensive, engaging content strategies across various channels, promoting our technology's adoption.
    • Collaborate closely with our product, engineering, and sales teams to ensure the accurate representation of our platform in all written content.
    • Attend industry events and meet-ups (virtually or physically) to network and gain insights into trends and needs in the developer community.
    • Gather feedback from the developer community to inform and influence product development.

Why You Were Made for This:

    • Excellent writing and editing skills with a strong portfolio of written technical content.
    • Proven experience in a similar role (Developer Advocate, Technical Writer, etc.)
    • In-depth understanding of web3, metaverse technologies, and the broader technology landscape.
    • Strong public speaking and presentation skills.
    • Ability to translate complex technical concepts into easy-to-understand written content.
    • Strong interpersonal and networking skills.