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At Improbable, we’ve been venturing into unexplored territory for over a decade, seeking new ways to connect people and amplify their lives. We’re shaping virtual worlds of unprecedented scale for the gaming, web3, and related sectors, creating world-changing technology from Morpheus to M2. With us, you’ll tackle questions that no one else is asking and find answers that define the future.

We’re leading the way in defining what the metaverse can be. This is where you get to explore interconnected, immersive, exciting worlds that have never been seen before and where you decide what the future looks like. Are you ready?

Improbable is creating innovative online events and experiences that support 1000s of simultaneous players. Check out some of the latest examples! We want to further explore the possibilities of massive live events across a wide variety of fields including sports, education, music and art - all supported on any device. 

Consider global sports fans gathering in virtual arenas, interactive live concerts, and mass-participation games - bridging geographical gaps, creating new jobs for hosts and content creators and bringing people together. We want you to help us build the next generation of massively multiplayer live experiences!

Your Opportunity:

    • Create, expand and utilise game systems, design workflows, and collaborate regularly with other disciplines.
    • Offer valuable insights and feedback on the overall quality of the user experience, drawing from your unique perspective.
    • Craft immersive experiences and mechanics within industry-standard timelines. 
    • Provide support for specific aspects of projects, such as interactive spaces, quests, social interactions, dynamic events, balance, and more, as part of broader development efforts. 

Why You're Made for This:

    • Embrace Exploration: You're open-minded with the willingness to explore uncharted territory, shaping unique social experiences in virtual spaces.
    • Quick Learner: You can swiftly adapt to new tools.
    • Broad interests: You have experience or are eager to create interactive environments, social interactions, virtual economies, and emergent storytelling.
    • Real-time Expertise: You grasp the significance of real-time interactions, persistent world mechanics, and their impact on user engagement, accessibility, and long-term involvement.
    • Proactive: You're self-driven and capable of managing your own tasks, not afraid to take the initiative.
    • Problem Solver: You excel at identifying issues and actively seek knowledge to enhance future solutions.
    • Engine Proficiency: The ideal candidate is comfortable using Unreal. You must have expertise in at least one game engine (e.g., Unreal Engine 4 or 5, Roblox, Second Life, Modding tools).

While we believe the mentioned experiences could be important, we're keen to hear from people that have valuable experience to bring to the role. If you identify with the team and mission, but not all of the requirements, please still apply!


This role is available as remote, hybrid or in-office. We have a great office space in Spitalfields in London but are equally happy if you'd prefer to work from home some, or all of the time. We are 'Flexa' certified, meaning our entire employee experience is anchored around flexibility and autonomy.

While we think the above experience could be important, we’re keen to hear from people that believe they have valuable experience to bring to the role. If you identify with the team and mission, but not all of our requirements, then please still apply. 

About Us

Improbable is determined to foster an environment where people can do their best work and feel like they belong. We believe a healthy culture, strong values and contribution from a diverse range of individuals will help us to achieve success.

We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, gender, ancestry, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age disability, veteran status, genetic information, marital status or any other legally protected status. 

If you require any reasonable adjustments as part of your application process or would like to confidentially discuss the matter, then please do let us know in the Additional Information section of your application.

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