Assistant to the Founder

New York, NY

About Incandescent
Incandescent is a strategy consulting and venture development firm. We conduct research, advise leaders, and collaborate with entrepreneurs. As advisors, we serve as thought partners to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, founders of early- and growth-stage ventures, and to visionary leaders in social sector organizations (with clients such as The Rockefeller Foundation and B Lab). 

Founded in 2013, we’ve been building a small team, slowly and carefully. Each team member plays an integral part in developing Incandescent as a firm that discovers better ways to create, build and run organizations.
About the position
We are looking for an unusual assistant, with a high level of drive, curiosity, and passion to grow and learn. This role is demanding and fast-paced, and is intended to be a “boot camp” for learning how to manage complex workflow in a consulting environment. Reporting to the Chief of Staff, this job will be a strong learning and development experience with a significant amount of responsibility.
Responsibilities will include:
1. Administrative and tactical support. In this role, you will manage founder’s calendar with a high level of precision and help him stay ahead of priorities. In doing so, you will communicate extensively with the internal team, external partners, and clients. The core of this work is getting above the transactional level of the work to think at a more strategic level as you negotiate the demands on the founder’s time and the diverse priorities of the business. Responsibilities include calendaring, supporting the founder throughout the day and attending some external meetings with him, preparing daily materials, organizing pre-work and research for meetings, and email management.

2. Project management and communications. You will support the founder and chief of staff in moving a wide range of projects and initiatives forward. A key part of your job is tracking the many balls in the air and maintaining organizational and data systems. You will also help to prepare client documents, create visuals and PowerPoint decks, and help to maintain intellectual capital collection. In addition, you will add leverage to our thought leadership work, including social media posting and management.

3. Special projects. As your role develops, we will find ways to draw you into work across the team, through client-level administration, special projects centered around internal firm priorities, and other topics of interest.

4. Building Incandescent! On such a small team, every member is an important part of building the systems, processes, and culture of this place. Your contributions to firm-building will help shape the future of Incandescent.
No particular type of experience is a prerequisite, as the right candidate will be someone who can quickly learn to do things they’ve never done before – we’re interested in meeting candidates from a range of backgrounds. The right candidate could be a few years out of school, or could be in the process of changing careers.  

Key Attributes

    • You’re action-oriented. You derive pleasure from working systematically, checking things off your list, and figuring out knotty problems. You love coming up with creative solutions just as much as the tactical work of implementing them.
    • You are intentional. Your working style is about creating order and planning ahead. You think systematically and establish elegant processes.
    • You are highly empathetic. You enjoy helping others and love being part of a team.
    • You are a skilled communicator. You’re both a great listener and an effective speaker and writer. You’re a whiz at befriending difficult-to-charm people, and build new relationships easily.
    • You are passionate about learning. You seek out direct feedback and love to invest in your personal development. You’re intellectually curious about the world of business, how organizations work, and how they can run better. You’re resilient in the face of challenge.
    • You are detail-oriented and have excellent organizational skills. Typos make you cringe, and you are quick to spot formatting and grammatical errors. You like creating structure in your work.

Why the Role is Compelling
Working directly with an extraordinary business thinker, you will experience first-hand what it means to lead a well-run, growing startup. We’re exceptionally focused on how work gets done, and are deeply committed to excellence in both results and in the thoughtfulness and intentionality we each bring to our daily work. You’ll be part of an accomplished, diverse, and close-knit team in which each individual is committed to rapid development of themselves and others. This role is meant to be “preparatory”: we’re committed to helping people grow through this role into the next stage in their career.
Our work touches a wide variety of sectors, including venture, social impact, and more traditional corporate environments. You will be exposed to an unusually wide range of people and issues in the business and social sectors, the internal infrastructure and operations of a growing firm, and innovative thinking and research.