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Incode’s rapid success with customers in the U.S. and Mexico is empowering us to expand our internal legal department. We are looking for a highly motivated, fast-paced, detail-oriented and results-driven law professional to lead our legal affairs and compliance department.

If you are seeking a job in an intense, fast-moving, tech-driven and fun environment, Incode is the place for you. You will be responsible to lead, develop, help negotiate and close, challenging and complex legal contracts with customers and interact with our clients’ legal departments as well as external/specialized legal firms.

The position demands fast-learning skills, with the ability to learn and understand technology, deal with technical and complex-regulated industries such as banking, fintech, healthcare, and have experience with regulations such as KYC, AML, FCPA, HIPA, Privacy, Personal Data Protection and other critical laws and regulation in order to conduct business in both the U.S. and Mexico.
Candidates must be certified to work as a lawyer by both the U.S. and the Mexican bar associations.

Our headquarters is in San Francisco, CA with offices in Belgrade, Serbia and Mexico City, Mexico. The job position is based in Mexico City.


    • 7-10 years of experience working in legal affairs preferably in telco, banking, financial services, healthcare, technology or transportation industries (experience working in highly regulated industries is preferable)
    • Certified to serve as a lawyer in the U.S. and Mexico
    • Highly motivated and capable to quickly learn about software and technology
    • Results-oriented and high-interpersonal relationship skills
    • Ability to deal with multi-location and multi-industry clients
    • Top-notch communication, interpersonal relationships and negotiation skills
    • High-frequency traveling, mainly in the U.S. and Mexico.
    • Fluent in English and Spanish.


    • Comprehensive medical, dental, vision, and life insurance 
    • Meaningful equity 
    • Competitive salary 
    • Travel 
    • Open vacation policy 
    • Be part of a leading technology startup creating cool and disruptive products  
    • Learn the basics of a new language from your colleagues (We’re a very small yet multi-cultural team so you can choose from Spanish, Hebrew, Russian, Hindi, Norwegian, Serbian, or Romanian) 
Incode Technologies is a biometric identity company that builds secure, top- rated solutions for frictionless, contactless experiences for banking, hospitality, retail and healthcare industries.  
Incode has developed two products: Incode Omni and Incode HealthID. The company’s flagship suite, Incode Omni, is an end-to-end omnichannel identity platform that enables seamless access across multiple channels with products focused on authentication, onboarding, and payment verification to reach and engage the next-generation of consumers. 
The platform brings together the latest passive anti-spoofing technology, which was the first passive facial liveness system in the world to be certified by iBeta– accredited by the   U.S. Government's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Incode sets a new standard in convenience and security in order to enhance customer experiences and build a global database of identities using the world’s fastest edge-facial recognition technology as recognized by NIST.  
Our new product, Incode HealthID, is Incode’s solution to a post-COVID 19 world. HealthID enables companies to create a safe and healthy environment by creating a multi-layer fencing ecosystem of COVID-19 preventive measures, ranging from basic hygiene to COVID-19 digital certificates, and leveraging Incode’s bank-graded biometric identification technology to ensure employees’ compliance. 
Founded by a passionate serial-entrepreneur and a group of hard-working, goal-crushing individuals, the team is immensely proud to be part of a common goal: to map the identity of humankind. Incode Omni is already used by some of the world’s largest banks, financial   institutions, governments and retailers. Incode is based in San Francisco and operated globally with offices in Europe and Latin America. 
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