Frontend Engineer

Boston, MA /
Engineering /
Company HQ in Boston, MA - Remote candidates welcome. East Coast timezone preferred.
Experience Required: 3+ Years

About Indico
It’s a fact –– 85% of all Enterprise data is unstructured. Critical insight in texts, csv’s, videos, audio files, pdf’s, contracts, emails, and much more are buried, unreachable by traditional analytics and BI tools, and requiring hours of human time to code, structure, classify and analyze. What’s more, because this data is unstructured, the business processes it enables simply can’t be automated. This prevents enterprises from realizing the massive time and money benefits today’s RPA, Process Mining and BPA technologies offer.

Indico Data, the Unstructured Data Company, provides an innovative AI and ML powered software solution that enables organizations to automate, gain insight from, and apply their unstructured data to a wide range of automation workflows. 

Unlike anything on the market, Indico is purpose-built for unstructured data, bringing together robust data analytics, advanced artificial intelligence and ML technologies, deep learning capabilities and highly efficient process automation.

Indico frees this data, allowing it to be robotically automated and deeply analyzed, delivering broad enterprise value, driving business and digital transformation initiatives, and saving Enterprises millions of dollars annually. 

About the position
As a frontend engineer at indico, you will be writing the software that powers indico’s award winning Intelligent Process Automation product. You'll work with our product and design teams to turn ideas and wireframes into new tools and visualizations. Building upon our React-based client side applications, you’ll be learning tons about the Machine Learning field and developing features that range from data processing to visualizing results. You’ll also be contributing to our foundational component library and design system that is used among the applications.

About you
You are a friendly and enthusiastic person whose dedication to easily maintainable code is rock solid. This is shown by your ability to think creatively about a problem while evaluating what solution will benefit indico’s stack most in the long term rather than the short. You enjoy helping make software architecture decisions. You automate tasks that you notice are repetitive. You're invested in having a life outside of work that is bolstered by a fulfilling job, not dominated by it. You look out for others and it shows in your willingness to sit down and hear out whatever needs or feedback other team members have in order to foster a constructive conversation. With all that in mind, most importantly you have fun with it!


    • Build out user experiences to advance our flagship intelligent product automation application
    • Take ownership of certain features and deliver them in collaboration with our backend engineering team, product manager and designer


    • Self-directed and active learner
    • Fluent in modern JavaScript
    • Experience building frontend sites and/or single page applications, including experience with component architecture
    • Unit and integration testing familiarity HTML/CSS best practices and architecture expertise
    • Know and care about how JavaScript and modern frontend frameworks work
    • Experience working in modern JS frameworks such as React, Vue and/or Angular


    • An interest in machine learning
    • Likes to laugh
    • Familiarity with Apollo, GraphQL, Redux and other modern JS libraries
    • Familiarity with D3 and other data visualization libraries

Indico is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are committed to equal treatment of all employees without regard to race, national origin, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, physical or mental disability or other basis protected by law.

Approval Requirement
The use of external recruiters/staffing agencies requires prior approval from our People Operations Team. The People Operations Team at Indico requests that external recruiters/staffing agencies not to contact Indico employees directly in an attempt to present candidates. Complying with this request will be a factor in determining future professional relationships with Indico.

Unsolicited Resumes
Indico will not accept unsolicited resumes from any source other than candidates themselves for either current or future positions. Submission of unsolicited resumes in advance of an agreement between the People Operations Team and the external recruiter/staffing agency does not create any implied obligation on the part of Indico.