Creative Content Director

Berlin, Germany
At Inkitt, we believe that every author should have an equal chance to succeed. Our mission is to discover hidden talents from all around the world and turn them into globally successful authors. On the Inkitt platform over 100,000 authors upload their manuscripts and 2 million readers can read them for free. The best stories are objectively selected based on reader engagement and published on our immersive reading app Galatea. Currently, our most successful author Sapir Englard, a 24 year old from Israel who uploaded her story to Inkitt in 2018 and her story is selling faster than Harry Potter on Galatea all around the world.

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About the role:

The Creative Director will oversee the entire process of adapting original Inkitt best-selling books into mini-episodes for Galatea. They will strategise the content, mood and length of the episodes and guide the writing team in producing the most engaging stories. This role will be the intersection where the writers, sound designers, readers and the original author all come together to help create the next mini-episode. As such, the Creative Director will act as the liaison and drive the process from start to finish.

You will:

    • Create and manage the framework for the story adaptation process as well as the blueprint for storyboarding sessions
    • Create guidelines for using data obtained from story intelligence insights
    • work with the sound designers in order to achieve the adequate mood in every scene
    • Liaise with the original author to better understand their book and writing process, then relay that information to the writing team
    • Keep track of user feedback (in-app comments, social media comments, survey answers – both in-app and out of the app, phone calls etc.) about content & implement strategies based on that feedback
    • Create a focus group of 20 users who constantly give feedback on new releases
    • Define how to measure quality and improve it month over month
    • Consistently ensure the right data is being collected, analysed and interpreted
    • Recognize what works well and what needs improvement
    • Identify which storylines are most engaging to readers
    • Convert story trends into tools for the writing team

You have:

    • Extensive experience in content creation and supervision
    • Analytical skills. You can read and understand the gathered metrics and quantify what users want.
    • User-centric attitude with a strong interest to appeal to the masses. You recognise that the users are the driving force of content and give them what they want.
    • Teaching abilities. You can pass on to the writers what you’ve gathered from your analysis in the form of ready material in a productive and inspiring way.
    • High emotional intelligence. You can put yourself in users’ shoes and understand what makes them crave more content.
    • Communication Skills. You express yourself clearly and articulately in oral as well as in written form without being overly verbose or talkative.
    • Flexibility. You adjust quickly to changing priorities and conditions.
    • High standards. You expect personal performance and team performance to be nothing short of the best.
Furthermore, we offer you the following:
·       We encourage your personal development and empower you to broaden your knowledge and skills across multiple departments!
·       Valuable work which impacts our company from your first day onward.
·       An open and empathic style of communication all the way up to the C-Level
·       A fast-paced environment.
·       It’s never boring here! If you feel bored, tell us and we’ll make your life exciting again!
·       Of course, we organize regular team events and incentives, and provide free fruit and dinner in our office.
·       Unlimited credits for our Galatea App - for all you bookworms out there ;)