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Are you excited about fighting climate change? Does promoting zero emissions solutions fascinate you? Do you want to help build and grow an exciting company dedicated to accelerating the EV transition? Do you maybe just think EVs are super cool? Then let us know! Share your resume with us, and let us know what you want the next step in your career looks like. We can't wait to learn more about you and how we can reduce emissions together!

To Learn More: Watch THIS video produced by one of our primary investors, Macquarie, which does a great job explaining who we are and what our fantastic team does.

About Us:

Inspiration is the world’s first specialist investment, and asset management platform exclusively focused on accelerating the electrification of transportation in North America. We provide capital and turnkey EV fleet-as-a-service solutions to enable commercial fleets to “go electric” as easily, quickly, and profitably as possible. Our company invests in, develops, and manages the real assets (including electric vehicles, EV charging infrastructure, and related real estate) that enable the electrification of transportation at scale. Backed by three of the world’s leading energy and infrastructure investors, we aim to dramatically accelerate fleet electrification in North America while building the leading pure-play, diversified EV infrastructure platform.

Inspiration is headquartered in Washington, DC, but we have team members across the country. Some of our roles will need to report into corporate, but not all! Let us know where you are and what location you are looking to join, whether it be DC, New York, California, or remote.
Inspiration’s Core Values:  

Inspiration’s culture is based on a shared respect for our core values described below. Fit with these values is a critical component of the company’s hiring process, and employees are encouraged and expected to demonstrate these behaviors in their interactions with colleagues, customers, and all stakeholders. An assessment of how each employee has exhibited the characteristics below is an important part of Inspiration’s performance review process. 

1. Uncompromising Integrity 
-Holds oneself to the highest ethical standards 
-Zero tolerance for immoral, unethical behavior 
-Embraces and respects diversity 
-Never cuts corners in the pursuit of a better result 
-Open, respectful, and tolerant, even when dealing with opposing viewpoints or positions 
2. Intellectual Curiosity 
-Highly intelligent and analytical 
-Eager to learn 
-Creative problem-solver 
3. Humility 
-Checks ego at the door 
-Good listener 
-Seeks input from others to collectively arrive at the best outcome possible 
-Frugal with company resources
-Willing to do whatever it takes to help other colleagues, customers, and the company 
4. Drive 
-Committed to the company’s mission and success 
-Consistently over-delivers, contributing discretionary effort to deliver the best product possible