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At Instructure, we believe in the power of people to grow and succeed throughout their lives. Our goal is to amplify that power by creating intuitive products that simplify learning and personal development, facilitate meaningful relationships, and inspire people to go further in their education and careers. We do this by giving smart, creative, passionate people opportunities to create awesome solutions. And that's where you come in:  

Like our customers, we value a learning culture and expect our engineers to work closely with product and support to build the best possible solutions, not just write code to a spec. We put our money where our mouth is. Engineers at Instructure enjoy an annual company-wide tech conference, biweekly tech talks, and quarterly Hackweeks, all designed to encourage as much exploration and learning as possible. 

Much of our work is open source, including our primary product (Canvas), check us out on Github. :)

Who we are:

    • We are full-stack engineers with experience building web-scale services in a loosely coupled but highly integrated system.
    • We are a mixed stack and polyglot team with a deep commitment to quality and to using the right tech for each problem we solve.
    • Our front-end team uses React with TypeScript.

What you will do:

    • Independently master new front-end technologies and domains, applying your expertise to drive innovation and efficiency within the team.
    • Enhance team productivity by identifying bottlenecks in the development process and implementing solutions to automate tasks and streamline workflows.
    • Design and develop accessible, internationalized, well-tested, and secure front-end systems while managing technical challenges and ensuring timely project completion.
    • Foster a culture of innovation and continuous learning, inspiring the team with visionary development practices and supporting their professional growth.
    • Apply agile methodologies, collaborate closely with stakeholders, utilize data to inform decisions, and promote a culture of continuous improvement.
    • Support the professional development of team members, offering mentorship and constructive feedback to enhance skills and knowledge.
    • Cultivate a positive internal culture, actively contribute to meetings, encourage open communication, and clearly articulate front-end visions to align and motivate the team.

What we look for:

    • 5+ years of experience in front-end software engineering, with a solid foundation in modern JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.
    • React, and Typescript experience required.
    • Demonstrated ability to solve complex problems, think critically, and develop innovative solutions in a dynamic environment.
    • Experience leading front-end projects and/or teams, showing an ability to mentor effectively and foster collaborative efforts toward innovative user experiences.
    • Practical experience in enhancing operational efficiency, with a focus on automating workflows and developing scalable, user-centric solutions.
    • Excellent communication skills, capable of articulating complex concepts clearly and fostering a supportive team environment.
    • A passion for innovation, with a keen interest in staying ahead of industry trends and applying creative solutions to enhance user interfaces and experiences.
    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field preferred, complemented by a strong portfolio demonstrating expertise in front-end development, particularly with React and modern web standards.

Get it on all the awesome at Instructure:

    • A fun, friendly, and helpful company culture
    • Competitive compensation
    • Restricted Stock Unit Program
    • Private Medicover healthcare + cafeteria plan/SZEP card
    • Employee Stock Purchase Program
    • Wellness motivation through PandaFit
    • An extra week off for the whole company every year
    • Employee recognition program through Motivosity
    • Goal-setting, proactive reviews, and internal training
    • Employee assistance program
We’ve always believed in hiring the most awesome people and treating them right. We know that the more diverse we are, the more diverse our ideas will be and when we openly welcome those ideas, our environment is better and our business is stronger.
All Instructure employees are required to successfully pass a background check upon being hired.