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At Instructure, we believe in the power of people to grow and succeed throughout their lives. Our goal is to amplify that power by creating intuitive products that simplify learning and personal development, facilitate meaningful relationships, and inspire people to go further and careers. We do this by giving smart, creative, passionate people opportunities to create awesome products and tools. And that’s where You come in!

Who we are:

    • Pioneers: we are the first Instructure development center placed outside of the United States.
    • On a mission: Our field is education. We strive to elevate student success, amplify the power of teaching, and inspire everyone to learn together.
    • Product enthusiasts: We develop products, such as Canvas, with millions of users worldwide.
    • Engineers: We love to understand what is happening under the hood. We are generalists, rather than obsessed with one language or framework.  Currently, we use Node.js, React, and Ruby on Rails, but will adapt as needed.
    • Cloud-native: we are one of the biggest AWS customers, everything is Dockerized, running in the cloud
    • Productive: our teams have flexibility in how they work, Some use Scrum, others Extreme Programming, whichever fits best.

What will you do

    • Continuously learn and apply your technical expertise to efficiently solving bugs, features and any other tasks assigned to you.
    • Identify and apply reusable technical approaches to enhance code quality and efficiency.
    • Contribute effectively to software components, with time, becoming a Subject Matter Expert on the product domain you cover.
    • Engage in problem-solving, showing initiative and resourcefulness in overcoming challenges.
    • Participate in clarifying ambiguities and contributing to project planning within an agile framework.
    • Demonstrate ownership and accountability for your work, ensuring reliability and effective communication of progress.
    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, sharing knowledge and fostering a positive community.
    • Write and ship high-quality, well-tested code.
    • Engage with DevOps practices and cloud environments, specifically AWS, to build and deploy solutions.

What we look for:

    • 4+ years experience, with an eagerness to learn and apply new knowledge.
    • Experience in software development, including familiarity with frontend, backend, databases, and REST API’s
    • Proven ability to work effectively within an Agile team and adapt to changing requirements.
    • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with a creative approach to overcoming obstacles.
    • Excellent communication skills, able to share insights and collaborate effectively with teammates and across functions.
    • A strong sense of ownership, with a commitment to delivering high-quality solutions that meet user needs.
    • Experience with AWS, Git, Jenkins, or equivalents with an openness to learn and work with various programming languages and tools.
    • Ruby experience is a plus, but openness to learn other languages is a must.
    • Knowledge of containers (Docker, Kubernetes) and infrastructure-as-code tools (Ansible, Terraform, Salt, Puppet) is welcomed.
    • A team-oriented attitude, with a desire to contribute to community events and share knowledge.

Get it on all the awesome at Instructure

    • A fun, friendly, and helpful company culture
    • Competitive compensation
    • Restricted Stock Unit Program
    • Private Medicover healthcare + cafeteria plan/SZEP card
    • Employee Stock Purchase Program
    • Wellness motivation through PandaFit
    • An extra week off for the whole company every year
    • Employee recognition program through Motivosity
    • Goal-setting, proactive reviews, and internal training
    • Employee assistance program
We’ve always believed in hiring the most awesome people and treating them right. We know that the more diverse we are, the more diverse our ideas will be and when we openly welcome those ideas, our environment is better and our business is stronger.
All Instructure employees are required to successfully pass a background check upon being hired.