Head of Finance

Palo Alto, CA /
G&A /
Full Time
Instrumental is seeking a get-it-done, get-it-right finance director to lead our efforts across financial planning & analysis, accounts payable & receivable, multi-country consolidated reporting, KPI tracking, and compliance. The Director of Finance is a foundational member of our expanding leadership team, and will work closely with the executive team to inform and support decision making.

About You

* Highly analytical -- you think in terms of trade-offs and modeling
* Live and breathe spreadsheets -- and not shy to admit you do them on weekends
* Crazy detail oriented -- your spreadsheet sanity checks have sanity checks
* More than a multitasker -- you thrive on a portfolio of mission critical projects
* Work hard and get smarter -- grind it out when needed, level it up for next time
* Experienced across all of finance and accounting -- and want to see it done right
* Experienced with software SAAS and hardware COGS -- and want more!
* Inspiring leader of nimble, elite teams -- output quality not input quantity

The First 3-6 Months
We currently cover all of the finance bases, and are excited to have you level us up! Your onboarding will be a phased approach combining learning with impact, and will be tailored specifically to your skill set. Our general expectation is:

Phase 1: Learn the income and expense sides of the business
* Take ownership of accounts payable
* Take ownership of accounts receivable
* Revisit consolidated reporting and COGS computation
* Ensure continued sales tax compliance

Phase 2: Learn the levers and metrics of our business
* Take over the business plan & modeling
* Take over our KPI tracking & reporting
* Take over the board and executive finance reporting packages

Phase 3: Scale out the team
* Hire an in-house accountant and kick-off an audit
* Build out our financial planning & analytics capabilities
* Level up and scale out existing financial infrastructure as needed


* Master's in Finance or MBA
* Experience leading finance and/or accounting teams
* Expertise and front-line experience in financial planning, analysis, & forecasting
* Experienced with software SAAS, hardware COGS, and international consolidation
* Prior experience in accounting, as a manager or an individual contributor
* Ability to take complex data and find the key metrics
* Experience managing a company's cash flow
* A growth mindset

About Instrumental

Founded by a team of ex-Apple engineers, Instrumental provides a collection of software technologies that enable brands and manufacturers to optimize their manufacturing process to cut waste by orders of magnitude compared to conventional solutions. This waste is non trivial: 20 cents on every dollar spent in manufacturing is wasted in mistakes, experiments, downtime, yield loss, scrap, and returns. Our customers are top electronics brands, including Motorola and other well-known brands.

The Instrumental platform collects, intelligently transforms, and contextually presents manufacturing data to technical end-users, enabling them to close loops in their manufacturing process in real-time. Our core technology is proprietary ML algorithms. We leverage these through clever user interface solutions that bring the power of AI to Instrumental’s users. We serve our customers across the entire product development lifecycle, and provide user experiences tailored to the different phases of manufacturing. Over the next few years, we will refine and amplify the value we deliver, while also moving into new market segments.