Senior Full Stack Engineer: Client Application (TypeScript)

Palo Alto, CA /
Engineering /
Full Time
We are considering candidates for this role who would be able to work out of our offices in either Palo Alto, CA or Chicago, IL when the SARS-CoV-2 situation allows.

About Instrumental:
Instrumental is creating the future of manufacturing, empowering hardware companies to optimize their factories through the use of artificial intelligence. Thanks to Instrumental, companies can:
- increase yields (the percent of goods passing inspection);
- decrease dark yield (the escape of goods that should have failed inspection); and,
- trace everything (to narrowly scope recalls to only those goods affected).

Our product is delighting customers, who now have access to technology that produces results previously unattainable. The Instrumental customer list is growing across a diverse set of manufacturing applications, and we are asking you to help us scale to the needs of that entire market.

With ~30 people we are a small but mighty team, so if you are looking for a place where you can work with friendly people and have outsize impact on entire industries then keep reading!

About the role:
As a full stack TypeScript engineer at Instrumental, you'll apply your expertise in application development to implement and guide the roadmap of our factory software running on the most secure assembly lines of the world. We deploy fast – the software you write on Monday will be executing in mass production by Friday.

Our factory stack is: Angular/TypeScript for UI, NodeJS for local backend, and Docker for application delivery and service orchestration.

This isn't a solo job – you will be working together not only with fellow engineers developing the factory application, but with backend developers, operations, and product staff in a quest to improve the way that things are made, wherever they are made.

What you can expect in the first few months:
- Designing and implementing the frontend and local backend for workflows to be used by assembly line workers.
- Working with the cloud platform and web app teams to provide more control over and visibility into factory systems from thousands of miles away.
- Partnering with our ML team to deliver key defect detection features onto the hardware assembly lines of the world.
- Using instrumentation and automated testing to maintain and improve software performance.

- Three or more years driving development of web applications with user-facing components.
- Demonstrated experience with: HTML/CSS/TypeScript, NodeJS, integrating with web APIs (GraphQL, REST).
- Comfort with: Linux, networking
- Demonstrated ability to lead teams in speccing & delivering software projects while keeping stakeholders in the loop.
- A relentless desire to automate (or the foundation and desire to learn!).
- Ability to effectively communicate complex ideas to technical and non-technical individuals alike.

More details on requirements:
- HTML/CSS/TypeScript: although we automate as much as we can, there are points that require input from, and deliver insights to, personnel on the assembly line, and you should be comfortable shipping code for their use.
- NodeJS: you should be able to add the backend endpoints and business logic needed to enable new frontend features.
- Demonstrated Leadership: the people who thrive here tend to be self-driven individuals who know when to seek guidance, but can also work with a team to autonomously tackle large projects. 

Relevant Technobabble:
HTML, CSS, JS/TypeScript, Angular, Node, SQLite, Linux, Ubuntu, Docker