Senior Software Engineer

Phoenix, Arizona
Software Engineering
Full Time
At Integrate, we push the boundaries of technology to deliver products and services that bring control and scalability to demand marketing. Our software operates as the central nervous system for B2B marketers providing optimization intelligence across all paid efforts at the top of the funnel.
We have a top-tier client list that includes Dell, Cisco, Salesforce, VMWare, Rackspace, Microsoft and more. Our product is best-in-class and our business is growing rapidly, making us one of the most exciting software companies in the area. 
Quick Hits:

- 8+ Years
- 140+ Employees
- $50M+ Funding
- Enterprise Software

Integrate is looking for an experienced Software Engineer with a passion for building performance focused, distributed web applications. You will be a part of a small, but growing cross-functional team who take great pride in craftsmanship.

Quick Hits:

- 135+ Employees
- $55M+ Funding
- Enterprise Marketing Technology Software

Core Competencies:

Languages: C#, .Net Core, Golang, Python
Tools: Visual Studio, Goland, PyCharm, Git (GitHub), JIRA/Confluence
Technologies: MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, gRPC, Protobuf
Concepts: RPC, REST, AMQP, Concurrent Design, AWS, SCRUM, Agile
Environment: Linux/Docker (CentOS)

What You'll Do:

- Work closely with our product team to translate raw business requirements into rock solid technical solutions.
- Create high-speed, cloud based web applications
- Research and recommend technologies that address technical and business requirements
- Provide technical leadership and guidance to the team
- Participate in all areas of the SCRUM process
- Own projects from inception to production and provide clear communication to product and business teams

What You Offer:

- Minimum 8+ years of product development experience in SaaS
- Minimum 3+ years experience with content delivery and web tracking in a production context
- Strong understanding of underlying protocol stacks (TCP, HTTP, AMQP, etc.)
- Expertise with concurrent design in a distributed environment
- Full stack development (not necessary but preferred)
- Most importantly: Logic, Reason and an unyielding ability to push for the best experience for the customer