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Please apply if you are innovative and ambitious individual who wants to help build an organisation that makes a positive global impact on society and the environment.

People Operations Manager will report to Chief People Officer and will support a wide range of functions and responsibilities. Your will oversee the essential HR functions, which could range from day to day office logistics to HR administration, organisational culture development, events planning, team relations, and hiring related activities. In this role, you may also manage and support People Operations Associates as required.

Role Responsibilities May Include:

    • Ensure that day to day office logistics are taken care of.
    • Oversee purchasing of supplies and vendor relationships.
    • Manage and oversee the work of People Operations Associates as required.
    • Manage administration of pay plan, benefits, and bonus programs.
    • Employee relations on HR related information.
    • Distribute and monitor performance evaluations to ensure they are completed in timely manner.
    • Monitor the internal company policies and procedures for legal compliance.
    • Arrange for official documents and contracts to be signed.
    • Ensure effective and secure filing of confidential information and company records is in place.
    • Provide written summary reports and updates on request.
    • Manage planning of the company events and conferences.
    • Manage project budgets.
    • Support the team to enable everyone to reach their full potential. Promote a positive culture.
    • Make new team members feel welcome, answer questions during onboarding period.
    • Connect new team members with their colleagues, make sure they become well integrated. 
    • Assist with hiring related activities if needed.


    • Focused on the common goals and objectives. Flexible, willing to assist in different areas and take on tasks and responsibilities where the need is. 
    • Leadership skills. Positive and supportive, able to bring out the best in others around them.
    • Interpersonal skills with well developed influencing, negotiating and consulting skills.
    • Results oriented. Hard working and reliable.
    • Flexible to learn new ways of doing things and adapt on ongoing basis.
    • Familiarity with legal compliance and policy development, or ability to learn fast and work closely with a legal team.
    • Good decision-making skills.
    • Strong written and editing skills.
    • University degree in any field.
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