Masters and Phd Thesis Co-Supervisions

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Invenia Labs is a research-driven company. We regularly participate in academic collaboration and co-supervise Masters and PhD students in relevant research areas. Our research team consists of over 30 experts with diverse backgrounds, covering data science, research software engineering, machine learning, power systems, optimisation. 

About Invenia Labs:

The mission of Invenia Labs is to optimise complex human-made systems to benefit as many people as possible. We use cutting-edge machine learning, data science, power systems engineering, and optimisation algorithms to improve forecasting and planning for electricity grid operations. The goal is higher economic efficiency and reduced greenhouse emissions from the electricity market.

Modern grids are large and complex systems, which have at their core optimisation-based operations. There are layers of complexity at different spatial, temporal, and economic scales, making the relevant data high-dimensional and non-stationary, with many relevant causal factors and mechanisms. 

How to Apply:

We accept student applications for thesis co-supervisions on a rolling basis and assess each applicant based on their merit and availability of a suitable supervisor to take on a student. Please submit your interest using the application form on this page.