Chief of Staff

People Operations
Please apply if you are innovative and ambitious individual who wants to help build an organization that makes a positive global impact on society and the environment.

The primary responsibility is to add efficiency to the executive team, by making sure “the trains run on time”, alleviating some of the administrative and documentation related tasks, collecting information and creating various reports as requested by the executive team to facilitate effective decision making.

Role Description:

    • Add efficiency to the executive team.
    • Attend meetings on their behalf upon request.
    • Facilitate flow of information and communication between the different teams.
    • Act as an antenna informing executives on any key developments or new information.
    • Oversee the weekly executive meeting agenda.
    • Compile and circulate pre-meeting materials to be reviewed.
    • Facilitate meetings and act as a timekeeper. Take meeting notes.
    • Collect and present supporting materials and information at meetings to facilitate discussions.
    • Assist the members of the executive team with document editing, such as reports, presentation decks, spreadsheets etc.
    • Assist with preparation of information and reports for board meetings.
    • Help prepare documentation and presentations for investors and business partners.
    • Act as the main point of contact and a project lead for due diligence projects. Work with different teams internally to compile any required documentation.

Required Competencies:

    • Strong interpersonal skills are required in order to build close relationships with the members of the executive team and collaborate closely with managers and colleagues in other roles as well. 
    • Exceptional oral communication skills are essential for relaying information clearly and concisely to add efficiency.
    • Strong written communication skills to compile and present information in written form. 
    • Software skills, such as Google Documents, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point), Mac OS Software (iPages, iNumbers, Keynote), LaTex(optional). Ability to use these tools at advanced level is absolutely essential for this role in order to generate high quality documents on short notice.

The ideal candidate should also:

    • Have attention to detail and be able to deliver high quality work under pressure.
    • Be self motivated, hard working and reliable. 
    • Take initiative, and be results oriented.
    • Be able to think strategically, understand the big picture, prioritise well, and work independently.
    • Good public speaking skills and presentation skills.