Power Systems Software Engineer

Cambridge, England /
Research /
Please apply if you want to:

- Have a positive impact on climate change.
- Work in an interdisciplinary environment where you are always learning.
- Contribute to projects which directly impact electricity grid operations.
- Provide the tools which enable a research team to thrive.

Invenia Labs is a machine learning lab with a mission to optimise the world’s complex systems for the benefit of as many people as possible. Currently, we use algorithmic decision making and optimisation to help Independent System Operators (ISOs) operate their grids more efficiently, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We are looking for a Power Systems Software Engineer to join our diverse Research team, applying their interdisciplinary expertise to assist Researchers in modeling and investigation of electricity grids.   

In this role, you will:

    • Develop and enhance software for conducting Power Systems research.
    • Assist in developing algorithms and models for understanding and optimising electricity grids. 
    • Identify and act on opportunities to improve computational performance.
    • Collaborate with researchers and developers asynchronously across multiple time zones to meet research goals.
    • Engage with the wider research community through attending conferences and seminars.

About you:

    • You have several years of experience working in software engineering relating to Power Systems, either in an industry or academic setting.
    • You have good working knowledge of electricity grid operations.  
    • You have strong coding skills and are familiar with Julia. 
    • You have excellent skills in computational performance improvement.

    • It would also be helpful (but not essential) if:
    • You are familiar with Julia and JuMP.
    • You have worked with Machine Learning specialists and Data Scientists previously.
Please note that while this is a flexible hybrid role, it cannot be performed fully remotely. We only consider candidates who already live, or are willing to relocate to our office locations in either Winnipeg, Canada or Cambridge, UK.