Operations Specialist - (German)

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Invisible Technologies is hiring German operations specialists to digitally onboard German restaurants onto food delivery platforms. 

Invisible Technologies (https://inv.tech/) is an American technology and operations company that works with enterprises across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. We have a large logistics company that is expanding its service to Germany in late 2021 and we are their operations partner to assist them with their expansion into Germany. They will need assistance with many different aspects of "restaurant operations". This includes processes such as...*  digitizing restaurant menus to be used to order food online,* calling restaurants to assist with their onboarding, and* auditing data to ensure operations are running smoothly for restaurants.

- We are looking for individuals who are motivated to do meaningful work, want to learn new skills, and have a high work ethic.
- Applicants must be fluent in German and speak a good level of English.
- Good internet and a functioning computer is required for the role.
- No prior work experience is required, but you must be very familiar with navigating the internet.

Responsibility Details 
- The Operations Specialist will be responsible for running one or more of our restaurant operations processes every day.
- The most common responsibility for an operator will be the process of digitizing restaurant menus, which involves using a combination of technology and human intuition to create each menu.
- Operations Specialists will be promoted to greater levels of responsibilities and pay as the quality of their work improves.
- Greater levels of responsibility include running more complex processes, running quality assurance checks on other specialists' work, and becoming a team manager.
- This starting role will not require you to make phone calls to restaurants in German, but that is a promotion path for Operations Specialists who want to branch into that type of work.
- The pay range for this role is USD $5.00 (€4.25) to $12.50 (€10.62) per hour.
- Starting pay for the most junior Operations Specialist role is USD $5 (€4.25) per hour.
- Pay for a Quality Assurance Operations Specialist is USD $10.00 (€8.49) per hour. This role is earned ‪after 2-4‬ months of excellent quality work from a Junior Operations Specialist.
- Pay for an Operations Specialist to run additional processes can vary between USD $6.00 (€5.10) and $12.50 (€10.62) per hour.