Natural Language Processing Analyst

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We are looking for a full time person with the ability to analyze and interpret instructions to join our team for a new project.

You have the ability to grow if your skills align. The project you would be working on is fast paced, simple, but technical. Must be precise in following instructions and have a keen eye for interpreting information and ranking those given items based on guidelines. Will be working from home.

Attributes: Quality, Creativity, Organization , Efficiency, Good Writing Skills.

*Note: We currently do not support contracting in Venezuela or Nigeria. If you reside in one of these countries, we unfortunately cannot evaluate your candidacy. If you would like to submit your application, we will keep it on file for when that changes!

What is Invisible?
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Agents at Invisible are encouraged to operate with excellence, learn new skills, and get promoted. The agents we're looking for are individuals who are motivated, open-minded, and flexible with learning new processes.

Required :

- Typing proficiency to complete sets within time parameters  
- Ability to interpret information and rephrase within your own understanding 
- Technical proficiency for set instructions within client UI
- Strong analytical skills for complex cases 
- Must have a Computer with an internet download speed greater than 20+ Mbps and an upload speed greater than 5+ Mbps

Examples of work :

◉ Be given prompts to interpret and rephrase
* Writing a specification for a given product based on given description
◉ Be given samples to evaluate based on set guidelines
* Interpret if example can be completed within the next steps of process and determine and further evaluation is needed
◉ Be able to search the internet for applicable resources  
* Complete remaining text following a given theme 
* Review samples based on defined principles
◉ Be able to write and explain information clearly
* Rewriting a given sentence to hold the same meaning within a given parameter
◉ Be able to analyze samples within a set of categories
* Write a short story within a given scenario

Other details :

* You should have the ability to work under deadline pressure and manage multiple projects
* You must organize all projects in folders for easy searching
* Ability to grow and earn more responsibility and salary

Job Type: Contract, 20-40 hours per week dependent on volume.

Required language: English

Location Preference:

*South Africa (Primary)
* Jamaica
* Belize
* Other English-speaking countries

◉ Between $4 and $7 per hour.