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Invisible Technologies is on a mission to industrialize work by fine-tuning automation and human interaction, powered by our team of Partners and Agents around the world.  We’ve been a globalized, distributed team, since before the pandemic, and we pride ourselves on transparent, effective communication to collaborate and take ownership as needed. 

What is Invisible?

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As a Technical Lead, your job is to write quality code, act with strong ownership, execute on and add to the vision of the engineering team, working with product and wider stakeholders. You will be working on developing Process Builder — our proprietary platform that orchestrates work across an automation engine and a labor marketplace.


Every engineer should be constantly learning and growing. As an experienced engineer, you should be eager to learn and grow every day. We expect you to raise the bar for performance on the engineering team. 

Our team currently consists of 7 partner engineers and a dozen more agents and interns. The team will double in the coming year — you have an opportunity to mentor and lead.


The first principle of execution is reliable delivery — you honor your commitments. You should set clear expectations for your deliverables and drive through to success. The formula for success? Say what you’re going to do, do it, and then let everyone know that it’s done.

The second principle of execution is intelligent prioritization. Your job is to put the puzzle pieces together in a sensible, expedient way. We’re not just building a product or a platform. We’re building a company. 


We are always striving to build the right thing. You are a key partner for Product, and you’re a critical stakeholder because you know what can be built and what will work. You will focus your energy on one of our core products and act as an owner.

The ideal candidate has learned from experience that technical decisions have far-reaching consequences. As an experienced professional engineer, you are always mindful to avoid technical debt and waste.

Technical Leads are Architects and Leaders

Technical Leads at Invisible are able to follow multiple paths. Some are technical leads of teams and are responsible for people management of those teams. They oversee the technical vision for their area and ensure that there is proper mentorship
Others lead through technical initiatives. Technical Leads oversee broad multi-team technical initiatives and own parts of our software stack (ex. Technical Leads might research and roll out new technical frameworks or might develop a new generation of our UI component.

Whether you're leading people or leading new tech rollouts you'll have a broad team-wide impact.

The Technology

Our platform is TypeScript from top to bottom.

We’re opinionated about modern JavaScript and about the best way to use it. Our stack trends towards the latest and greatest:

We believe that a monorepo with micro frontends is the best approach for us. We’re avid users of NextJS, React, Prisma, Postgres, NX Workspaces, Kubernetes , and tRPC.

We’re always eager to learn and grow and try new technologies.


Significant experience developing applications in team environments.
Able to work well with Product Managers to develop technical specifications for large projects with complex scope
Able to research and synthesize new technologies (frameworks, libraries, techniques) and explain and evangelize them to more junior engineers.
Experience using React for front-end development. (We use React, Next.js and Prisma)
Backend language experience including Node, Python (Flask/Django/etc.), Ruby on Rails, Symphony, etc.
Strong understanding of relational databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.)

Currently, we are looking to hire for a team that works primarily in US timezones and are seeking out engineering talent in these timezones:

--  North/South America
-- Europe
-- Africa

Working Schedule

The candidate should be available between 10 am to 3 pm EDT from Monday to Friday.