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Are you endlessly fascinated with what it takes to power a C-Suite?  Are you equally as focused on how you work as much as what you accomplish? Are you young and eager and hungry for the right mentors who will show you the ropes of what it takes to be an integral part of a rapidly growing startup? Do you love a good challenge and have creative problem-solving as one of your super-powers? This is the job for you. 

Invisible Technologies provides work for over 800 people globally and we are growing fast. We are looking for an executive assistant who has the right mix of intellect, emotional intelligence, curiosity, and drive to support the Office of the CEO.

The right person in this role will support our CEO, Francis, and our Chief of Staff, Aimee, in creating the ideal environment for calm, productive work. You'll master process, systems, schedules, communications, projects, and filter out distractions so we can focus on Invisible's growth, scale, and vision! This is not your run of the mill EA role, you will play a key part in taking Invisible to new and exciting stages of growth!

If this adventure excites you, we'd love to hear from you!

FULL TIME - Looking to hire and onboard the right person for this role by 11/15/2021. Must reside in the Greater New York City area (Most work will be done remotely, but working knowledge of NYC and the ability to be present for occasional in person projects / events / tasks is a must!)

**Francis resides in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, NY.

What does this role look like daily?

This position will provide support to the CEO, Francis, with guidance and oversight of the Chief of Staff, Aimee. You will be involved in all aspects of direct support and assistance to Francis as well as other administrative and organizational support for Aimee.

We are looking for an intuitive, passionate, and creative team member that prides themselves on being proactive and is adept at reading between the lines. Has a sixth sense about providing what is needed, and knows that is not always the same as what is wanted or requested. Being able to jump in and grab tasks from Francis or Aimee to make their work and lives easier, more simple and more productive.

Francis needs an air-traffic controller for his life - not just the business, his whole life. Having his life organized, streamlined, and free of friction, allows him to focus on growing the business and creating the relationships that support scale. Keep his mind free of the noise and small stuff and you'll be an invaluable asset to the Executive team, but also the company as a whole.

Not every task will come with detailed instructions, Francis wants to delegate from a high level, the goal level. You'll have guidance and support from Aimee to guide you through complex projects, but if you like to be given and end goal and then enjoy having the creative freedom to execute in the most effective and efficient way you see fit, then this job is for you.

Some of the things we hope to find a Executive Assistant Jedi for:

    • Strategic Calendaring Support - The right person will be able to think about Francis’s schedule and ask whether it actually makes sense, both logistically and strategically. You should be able to delicately handle the domino effects that can occur in last-minute change requests. Most of our calendaring support is provided by the Invisible product, yay!! We need someone who can act as a project manager and make sure that scheduling is being done intelligently and without mistakes. Someone who can look at a calendar and immediately perceive problems and execute quickly to resolve them before they affect Francis and those he is meeting with. As a team, we want to ensure Francis has the longest and most strategic view possible.
    • Executive Org Process PM - We use Invisible to power a number of Executive Office machines. Digital organization, record keeping, partner communications, business development, network management, the list goes on. Our Invisible assistant, Keats, needs a PM from the Executive Office to provide process requests, guidance, suggestions for process and product improvements, and budget oversight. We need someone that is meticulous about making sure a process is running at gold standard level and won't settle for inefficiencies, repetitive mistakes, or messy process. You'll be the quarterback, and you have a team of people working to provide you the leverage you need to give Francis the support he needs. Use it wisely and you will truly be an EA Jedi!
    • Management Responsibilities - You should be able to oversee problem-solving and decision-making systems. Before problems arise, you should be able to anticipate and flag issues across projects and get the right level of engagement from team members. You will be helping support Aimee in her quest to be a reliable and trusted thought partner to our CEO. We want to be able to delegate at a high-level and trust that your mix of proactivity, intrapreneurship, and desire to learn are matched by your capability to move fast, seek knowledge, and get unblocked fast!
    • Network & Relationship Management (Business Development) - Francis has a ton of calls and meetings with potential clients and investors, networking super-connectors, and various internal team members. We need someone to help me track action items, run an accountability system, and follow up on my action items. You should be able to quickly relay and translate information to relevant internal and external parties. You should be a CRM and project management ninja - tracking all reporting requirements so that we can quickly provide access and visibility to all things Francis is working on at any given moment.
    • Culture Champion - Become a cultural force. You'll be receiving a ton of mentoring from Francis & Aimee, and in exchange, we need you to become a cultural force. Embody our company principles and values. Be the voice of calm with a "can-do, will-do" attitude. You'll be a Partner, not just an employee, so treat the team and the company like it's your own business, because it is! Teamwork, Collaboration, Ownership, Transparency, Communication, these are some of the values we know the right person will embody.

Qualities and traits we’re looking for:

    • A super-organized, punctual, and proactive person who loves to coordinate and keep the trains running on time
    • Someone who thrives in a busy environment and loves taking on new challenges
    • Over-the-top written communication skills
    • Outstanding organization, prioritization, analytical, and anticipatory skills
    • Solid project management and problem-solving skills
    • Excellent attention to detail
    • A “CEO whisperer” with a high EQ and emotional awareness around different personality types
    • Confidence in holding someone accountable, even if they’re in an authority position
What we value as a company:

Ownership, Transparency, Communication, Flexibility, Integrity, Self-Improvement are just a few of Invisible's cultural values. We are looking for a person who understands this culture, is passionate about cultivating and preserving it as we scale, and will thrive in a team of hard-working, loyal people who are passionate about efficiency, direct feedback, self-improvement and openness.


2022 Pay: $90k OTE (base + bonus) + Equity (~59,592 options equal to 0.21% of the company)

Additional opportunities to earn more equity through promotions and through re-distribution of re-acquired shares via buybacks.

Flexible Work Schedule / Unlimited Vacation Days
Work Remotely

Perks and Benefits

We hope that you’re excited by all the possibilities that come with working at Invisible! In addition to our unique culture and generous equity options, we also offer these fun perks and benefits.

Health insurance: We offer health insurance or a health insurance stipend for all of our team members, international and US based.

Work remotely: Live in NYC area but you'll have the flexibility to work remotely most of the time, from wherever you feel happiest. :)

Stock options: Joining the Invisible journey means you can choose to own part of the company.

Unlimited time off: We value Partner Sustainability - we have been known to force vacations!

Family leave: If your family grows during your time at Invisible, we provide up to 3 months of family leave.

In 2022 we will be launching Invisible Benefits 2.0! (401k, increased healthcare coverage, opportunities for paid learning and development, and more!)