Director of Client Care

Raleigh, NC /
Custom Home Builder – Custom Home Builder /
Full Time
Director of Client Care

Company Overview:
An award winning custom home builder, our client is committed to the quality, craftsmanship and service in building the best homes in the Triangle. It is understood that each staff member at our client plays an integral role in providing and maintaining the commitment to those principles that our client was founded on.  We are made up of a dedicated team of professionals that not only work directly with each customer, but also work with one another to achieve the most quality-built home that every employee is proud to be a part of.
Position Summary:
As the Director of Client Care the primary responsibility is to ensure our Clients have the best experience possible by managing the Client Care team, creating new initiatives while insuring new home owners' satisfaction.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
Responsible for identifying and addressing the needs of clients by ensuring service excellence
Have a strong sense of urgency about getting results.
Initiate and compile milestone punch lists in a timely manner.
Limit inconveniences to the client, subcontractors and client care rep by scheduling and completing post-closing punch lists in a consolidated fashion.
Effectively holding subcontractors to their schedule dates.     
Provide appropriate level of management between subcontractor and client relations. Limit client scheduling/interaction/management of subcontractors.  
Attendance during repairs. Includes “morning of” set-up/expectation setting during milestone completion dates and the appropriate amount of interaction during emergency and one-off scenario
On site review of completed items assuring quality of repairs and appropriate follow up with client
Bring milestone warranties to closure in the appropriate amount of time including full close out and with client signatures.     
Follow through on scope of work assuring work completed meets warrantable criteria.        
Appropriate balance in repairing items that fall outside of the technical scope of warranty, but also outside of standards.            
Meets warranty budgets. 
Effectively hold subcontractors responsible for repairs limiting costs and preserving profit margins
Analyze client feedback to identify root causes of customer satisfaction, process defects and inefficiencies.  Reports back to management to better develop building practices.             
Performance and interaction with the production team.  Appropriately involve the project superintendent when necessary. 
Team participation including attending company events and assistance outside of traditional scope of work.            
Participate in Home Owner Orientation meetings, setting proper expectation for post-close care and instruction on home maintenance items.   
Develop Homeowner Tutorials for routine maintenance of home.        
Proactive development of warranty processes and warranty program overall. 
Ability to maintain a composed problem-solving approach when pressed for time.
Ability to maintain composure and handle frequent job changes or unexpected disruptions.  
Preparation and punctuality for all scheduled meetings.         
Embody the brand in personal appearance and professionalism, project site presentation, and company vehicle. 
Comprehensive knowledge of the Warranty Guidelines and the ability to effectively communicate to our Clients items or issues that are not warrantable when applicable
Manage the distribution of all post-close communication letters to our Clients. Those include, but are not limited to, warranty closing packets, Welcome letters and 3 and 10 month customer touch point reminders. 

 Desired Skills & Expertise:
Bachelor's Degree required
Experience building custom and semi-custom homes
Experience managing a team
Passion for helping others and collaborating with executive leadership
Have a strong sense of urgency in producing positive results
Process driven and result oriented
Reports to: Executive Leadership              
Daily interaction with various division personnel, outside agencies, business partners, consultants and homeowners.  Regular contact with the general public. Frequent external contacts where matters discussed require resourcefulness, patience, clarity and tact.
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