Python Developer, Noida

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Lab49 has an opportunity available for a Python Developer to lead work on complex and challenging projects to drive transformative change for our top tier Financial Services clients. Operating in an Agile environment, the Python Developer will work on building the next generation financial systems. 
The Python Developer will build microservices and systems that allow financial firms process various data streams, using streaming/Messaging/REST technologies. The Python Developer will utilize technologies to create high quality, scalable services, that can be deployed consistently, using technologies like: Consul, Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka, Spark. 


    • 7+ years of commercial-grade  development experience with complex applications.
    • Experience in idiomatic Python 3.7+
    • Experience with Django/Tornado Framework
    • Experience with Numpy/Pandas
    • Experience in OOP/functional coding in Python
    • Understanding of multithreading/multiprocessing in Python.
    • Understanding of Generators and asynchronous operations in Python.
    • Knowledge of advanced language features in Python: context managers, decorators, descriptors.
    • Experience of Virtual environment (venv).
    • Experience with Agile development in Python.
    • Experience with Testing in Python (Behave, PyTest).
    • Real-world knowledge in microservices architecture.
    • Experience with data modeling.
    • Experience/knowledge of Databases (SQL, MongoDB, key:value).
    • Experience in Messaging/streaming/REST API’s.
    • Strong interpersonal and organizational skills are required
    • Bachelors or Masters in Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, Math, or related work experience.


    • Knowledge of, and strong demonstrated interest in, global financial markets and financial products.
    • Experience with big data (Hadoop ecosystem)
    • Experience in machine learning/Data science
    • Solid knowledge of modern JavaScript(ES6) or Java