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Do you want to work on cutting-edge projects with the world’s best developers? Do you wish you could control which projects to work on and choose your own pay rate? Are you interested in the future of work and how the cloud will form teams? If so - the Gigster Talent Network is for you.

The Senior Frontend Developer position is a critical role in the teams we form for important US clients such as IBM, US Bank, Harley Davidson, Colgate, Dapper and 500 others. In this role, you will own the entire frontend experience - from technical leadership to UI/UX to integrating the latest technology with the backend components. The tech stack will vary with the projects - but range from Angular 2+, React, Vue, etc.


    • Design and build complex and performant web applications using the latest web tooling and modern JavaScript frameworks, including React.js & Redux and Node.js
    • Write and maintain high-quality code that is well-tested, documented and monitored
    • Identify UI problems to ensure best solutions for translating design into code 
    • Collaborate with remote, distributed team members, including Technical Architects, Product Managers, Designers and other Engineers, to ship large-scale projects for enterprise clients 
    • Communicate clearly and reliably with team members and/or client stakeholders, who could be CIOs of major enterprise companies, to ensure deliverability along the project’s technical specifications 
    • Take ownership of project success by providing strategic technical guidance and direction, as needed 


    • 5 years of experience working in software engineering in a professional setting, preferably in frontend web development 
    • History of developing successful web software in production environments.  Bonus if you have worked on large-scale, public or client-side applications. 
    • Advanced knowledge of JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and HTML5
    • Strong experience working with modern JavaScript frameworks, like React
    • Experience with Agile development methodologies 
    • Experience with responsive designs Proficiency with Git/Github or other distributed version control systems
    • Proven success in contributing in a team-oriented and fast-paced environment
    • Excellent communications (written and oral) and interpersonal skills
About the Gigster Talent Network & why this role is for you

The Gigster Talent Network is a highly curated set of the best software developers in the world. It’s not easy to become part of this select network - but when you do - you will work amongst the best from Silicon Valley and around the world.

Our model is unique in the software development industry. We do the hard work of finding the US clients and scoping their projects - and you get to choose from a large variety of ‘Gigs’. You can choose Gigs that fit your schedule - from 10, 20 or 40 hours a week. You also get to choose your own pay rate. All projects are staffed with a project manager, full stack team, QA and DevOps.

All of our projects are for top tier US companies and delivered with the highest quality. Projects range from developing NFT marketplaces to VR imaging for medical use to large AI/ML projects. We even produce a case study for every project delivered - so you can take that with you as part of your portfolio.

In parallel - you will have access to an exclusive and energized network of the world’s most skilled experts. Community members collaborate inside and outside of Gigs - as well as at local community events, online hackathons and competitions, etc. The Gigster Talent Network is more than a simple marketplace - it’s truly an exclusive club.

Are you talented enough to be in the club?