System Architect/Autonomous Vehicle Systems

Cambridge, MA
Infrastructure /
Full-time /
ISEE seeks an experienced System Architect to provide system-level oversight, design, guidance, structure, and requirements for production autonomous vehicle systems operating in shipping and logistics domains.

Responsibilities Include

    • Design and documentation of system architecture, including interactions between off-the-shelf hardware systems and internally-developed software systems
    • Creation, verification, and validation of a safe system architecture in compliance with applicable safety standards
    • Creation of technical system requirements from functional business and customer requirements
    • Refinement and facilitation of system engineering processes
    • Alignment of system architecture with business goals and vision
    • Review and oversight of hardware and software requirements derived from system requirements
    • Mentorship of junior engineers in engineering processes and practices


    • 5 or more years of experience as a system architect or comparable role
    • 5 or more years of experience with systems combining hardware and software in interactions with real-world environments 
    • A B.S. degree or higher in an engineering discipline
    • Experience designing and implementing systems with safety-critical components


    • Experience in autonomous vehicle systems or robotics
    • A background in developing systems from concept through production and deployment
    • Experience with ISO 26262 or similar safety standards
    • Experience with cloud-based IT systems
    • Previous work in startup environments