Embedded Systems Engineer- Autonomous Vehicles

Boston, MA
Hardware /
Full-time /
The hardware team at ISEE is seeking a detail oriented senior lead embedded systems engineer to both lead and execute embedded software development. This role has critical responsibilities in safety critical software development as well as bridging the gap between hardware and higher level software systems.

Role responsibilities include:
-Writing embedded software for custom hardware sensors, actuators, power delivery systems, safety systems, user interfaces, communication interfaces, and interfaces to higher level software systems.
-Managing a set of embedded libraries for code reuse
-Development of embedded software guidelines and processes for safety critical embedded systems.
-Interfacing with other teams to merge hardware, software, sensors, and controls.
-Contributing to architectural development of designs including safety critical elements.
-Managing of repositories and distribution/management for in-field updates and manufacturing changes related to embedded software.
-Managing the update process of in-field hardware including bootloader design, integration with higher level systems, and security.
-Verification and validation of embedded software.
-In-person debug and testing of electromechanical designs.

-Bachelor/Master Degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science
-Passionate about self-driving vehicles and robotics
-Excellent communication skills
-Experience with standard embedded development practices
-Experience with safety critical design/systems

-10+ years of experience
-Experience leading a team in embedded development practices
-Experience with actuators and sensors of varying types
-Robotics/autonomous experience is a plus
-Experience working with oscilloscope, logic analyzer, power supplies, and function generator.
-Experience leading a team of embedded developers or managing the embedded software on a multidisciplinary team.