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About Isima

We are one of the top 10 Big Data Startups of 2020 and builder of bi(OS), the world’s first truly hyper-converged data platform.

The opportunity - bi(OS) is not an iteration or amalgamation; we're creating something entirely new with nothing comparable in the market. It is an opportunity to build a data platform from the ground up.
The Team - Our founding team has pioneered outcomes in scale-out relational databases, applied AI, and high-performance storage for a wide variety of industries at innovators such as Microsoft, AWS, Cloudera, Tibco, BlueArc, Drobo, DataStax, and D.E. Shaw. 
The Culture - We are a continuously learning, diverse team that leads with humility and pride. Our Chief Engineer has written 1000+ automated tests, our VP of Engineering is a prolific coder, and our CEO is the acting SRE.  You will be surrounded by an engineering-first mindset and will carry this mantle forward.

The Role

The developer advocate role is critical to the success of Isima. This person is the tip of the spear to drive product adoption and future product direction. The person should be passionate about making Indian companies and analysts the best at deploying ML at scale.


    • Be the magician that gets developers and analysts excited about solving hard ML/analytics problems that currently seem complicated. Be a prolific creator of  ML/analytics solutions using real life data and bi(OS). 
    • Engage communities by blogging and demos on Slack, Stack Overflow and GitHub. 
    • Work closely with Founders, Architects and External Engineers to drive the roadmap.
    • Speak at Events and Conferences with Founders

Must Have Qualifications

    • A wizard with Python with 3+ years of experience
    • Hacker with a hands on get it done mindset
    • Enjoys working with a developer community
    • B.Tech in CS or EE from a reputed University

Good to have Qualifications

    • Experience using data pipelines to solve  analytics problems
    • Experience working as an Developer Advocate in a product company or Data Scientist/Analyst in a B2C company

Who should not apply ?

    • Engineers who only want to learn to use new technologies and buzzwords to get the next job at a higher salary or use it in their LinkedIn profile.
    • Anyone who wants to have a narrow role (data engineer/ data scientist)  rather than become a Full Stack Developer that can solve any data problem from ingest to insight

Building bi(OS) is a formidable goal and will require a lot of sweat and tears. Even by startup standards, we are intense, and we don’t like to cut corners.

You will be a Single Point of Failure (SPOF) for significant deliverables. At times, you may feel overwhelmed, but you will always have the founding team to rely upon.
We do not value years of experience and downright abhor politics, sloppiness, and narcissism.

We have the right customers, team, and investors and are just getting warmed up! If you are a self-driven team player, who takes pride in your craft, and knows to have fun along the way, let’s connect!