Front-End Developer

Washington, DC
ISL is looking for a Front-End Developer who's passionate about performance, accessibility, and usability to help us build amazing experiences for some of the biggest brands in the world.

You'll be building the front-end for static, API-powered, content-driven, and single page apps. But you might also work on Alexa Skills, build a mobile app using React Native, or work on web animations and data visualization. Every day will be differentyou'll learn more than you ever thought possible.


    • You have a thorough understanding of CSS—the box model, responsive design, Flexbox, and more—and are aware of browser quirks
    • You're familiar with BEM, SUIT CSS, or similar CSS methodologies, including pre- and post-processing
    • Accessibility matters to you! You want your work to be as universally accessible as possible with respect to varying user abilities and devices

JavaScript Skills

    • You're comfortable writing vanilla Javascript
    • You have some experience with modern front-end frameworks like Vue.js, React, or Ember
    • You know about higher order functions like map, reduce, and filter and know when they can be applied
    • Performance is not an afterthought—you are conscious about how the code you write impacts the performance of the end product

Misc Skills

    • Team player with strong verbal communication skills. You will be interacting not only with an internal team of other developers, designers, and strategists, but also directly with clients!
    • You ensure that projects meet requirements and internal standards
    • You can see the big picture and can flag problems early
    • You're open to giving and sharing and review your code during code reviews
    • Importantly, you're curious to learn new things and always looking to broaden your skill set!

Bonus Points

    • Experience with WordPress (triple points)
    • Experience with Alexa skill development (double points)
    • Experience with iOS or Android development
Don't worry if you don't check every single one of our boxes–we look for talented people with passion and curiosity. Specific skills are teachable, but you should have some good experience under your belt.

ISL is an equal opportunity employer. People who feel underrepresented in technology are strongly encouraged to apply.