Partnership Marketing and Sales Specialist

Tokyo, Japan
Business Management /
Full-time (Regular)
/ Hybrid
English follows Japanese



In the partnership business, one of ispace's businesses, you will be responsible for defining the market to target, selecting target clients, and promoting competitive advantage to the target clients. You will be responsible for working primarily with advertising companies, as well as with each client's public relations, R&D, and new business development divisions.

In addition, you will be responsible for the next model of the existing partnership business model.

Key Responsibilities

    • 新規協賛パートナー獲得業務(日本、欧米)
    •   業界、企業分析
    •   企画書作成
    •     企画書提案
    •     提案企業管理、週次、月次報告
    • (自分で手を動かして作れる人)

    • 既存協賛パートナー企業対応業務
    •  監修物チェック
    •  メディア企画対応
    •  協業事業推進

    • 協業パートナーである広告会社との情報拡散プロセス企画・運営
    •  SNS発信
    •  記者会見企画
    •  出演者等折衝・交渉

    • コンテンツ企画、作成業務
    • 協賛企業および、HAKUTO-Rプログラム関連コンテンツの作成

    • Acquisition of new sponsoring partners (Japan, Europe, US)
    •   Industry and company analysis
    •   Proposal preparation
    • Proposal presentation
    •      Management of proposed companies, weekly and monthly reports
    •    (For those who can make proposals on their own)

    • Correspondence with existing partner companies
    •  Checking of supervised materials
    •  Media planning
    •  Collaboration business promotion

    • Planning and operation of information diffusion process with advertising companies that are cooperative partners
    • SNS announcement
    • Press release planning
    • Negotiation of performers, etc.

    • Content planning and creation
    •    Creation of content related to sponsors and the HAKUTO-R program

Required Experience/Knowledge/Skills

    • 1)販売単価/総額1億円以上のB2Bでのセールス経験(5年以上推奨)
    • 2)ビジネスレベル以上の日本語、英語力、欧米企業との交渉経験
    • 3)広告、広報、PR、マーケティング部署/企業と連携した実務経験と契約締結業務
    • 4)工学、理学、化学、科学系の基礎レベルの知識または、エンジニアリング、ケミカル、サイエンス、エネルギー業界との実務経験
    • 5)新事業開発、バリュークリエーションの経験

    • 1) Experience in B2B sales with a sales unit price/total amount of 100 million yen or more(5 years or more recommended)
    • 2) Japanese and English language skills at business level or above, experience negotiating with European and U.S. companies
    • 3) Experience working with advertising, public relations, PR, and marketing departments/companies and contract concluding work.
    • 4)Basic level knowledge of engineering, science, chemistry, or science-related fields or working experience with such industries.
    • 5) Experience in new business development and value creation

Preferred Qualifications

    • 海外留学経験

    • Overseas Study Experience


    • マーケティング、広報、技術、法務、財務・経理、など、幅広い知識が求められます。
    • 年に数回の海外出張の可能性があります。

    • Requires extensive knowledge of marketing, public relations, technology, legal, finance/accounting, etc.
    • Overseas business trips may be required several times a year.