Partner Engineer (Palo Alto)

Palo Alto, California
Issuu is a massive digital publishing platform and cloud service that enables marketers and brands the ability to deliver mobile and Story optimized messages in a personalized way to their audience digitally.

The Issuu offering includes the Issuu Story Cloud, which includes integrations with Adobe Indesign, Google AMP, with others on the way and is a content sharing and distribution service that sits between Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud products.  With the Story Cloud, we enable marketers and brands to create once and share everywhere digitally.

Issuu has massive scale with more than 1 million marketers, brands and creators leveraging the platform annually and more than 100 million uniques consuming content monthly.

We are the right company for you, if you

    • want to work on a product that matters to a lot of people –We receive hundreds of visits per second and host over 50M+ publications,
    • want to experiment with multiple new technologies
    • start something from scratch, and make something that is greater than the sum of its parts  
    • have the ability to see an immediate reaction to your work
    • have direct communication with the customer 
    • want to have your work help drive strategic decisions within the company
    • are curious and never stop learning and exploring new languages, technologies and solutions
    • seek a culture where all voices matter when it comes to shaping the future of the product
    • want to work with colleagues who have ‘here to help’ attitude, and absolutely want to help you succeed.

We believe you can help us succeed by being responsible for

    • prototyping integrations with third party platforms, products, APIs
    • supporting Product Development with insights gained from interactions with partners and customers
    • work with the PM in presenting concepts, prototypes, wireframes, demos and the technical processes to internal and external audiences
    • delivering demonstrations to partners and customers and at conferences,developing technical documents, training guides, and presentations for internal and external use
    • supporting the PM in making sure the product demo is updated and running
    • creating and documenting product demonstration setups
    • supporting outbound marketing activities as required such as: active blogging, conference presentation, technical-paper development, and article placement

We are looking for someone who has

    • a Bachelor’s degree in CS or equivalent
    • previous experience (5+ years) as a software engineer 
    • great software development skills with experience building commercial software
    • experience presenting at conferences, meetups, and pitch meetings
    • an ability to self-direct and solve problems with minimal input
    • experience with Functional Programming (E.g. OCaml, Erlang)
    • experience with dynamically typed systems (e.g. Python, Javascript, Erlang),experience with C/C++ or other low-level languages with manual memory management
    • experience with scalable microservice architecture
    • the ability to work on any system, from code running in the browser to big data analytics dealing with terabytes of data,strong competence in building user interfaces
    • an ability to travel domestically and abroad,approximately 10% of your time
    • excellent communication skills in English.

    • Can you say yes to most of these qualifications? If you want to join a great team and work on something that matters, it’s time to apply!
Would You Like to Join?
This is the perfect opportunity to join a multinational company and being able to leave your mark on processes and procedures that impacts everyone at Issuu. You will get the opportunity to travel to our CPH office as part of your onboarding and hereafter as agreed upon in your team. 

In our Palo Alto office, you’ll find members from all parts of Issuu, including Product, Design, Customer Success, Data Analytics, Marketing, BD and Management. We are conveniently close to the Palo Alto Caltrain Station and provide delicious catered lunches, regular outings, healthy drinks and snacks, and a friendly, creative, welcoming atmosphere in a cool office set-up. As if that wasn’t enough, we offer a state of the art health benefits, amazing colleagues, and a flexible working environment.

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We encourage everyone to apply regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital, veteran or disability status.